Reminder: John Lee Jam

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I really couldn’t think of a more fitting place to have a jam for John Lee than the Shoreham BMX Track. I’ve personally never been to Shoreham but just hearing the name makes me think about John, Terra, Brian Iarocci and many other names that I grew up associating with the BMX scene on Long Island. Come on out tomorrow (August 30th) and have some fun raising some funds for the undisputed nicest guy in BMX!

Re-Up: Dylan Lewis For Mutiny

I’ve had Dylan’s Mutiny edit stuck in my head ever since it dropped a week ago. At this point in my life I feel pretty disconnected from the majority of BMX. Occasionally I’ll watch an edit that isn’t trails and I often find myself wondering how people are even remotely stoked when they watch stuff like that. He put his peg on the ledge and then lifted up and put his other peg on the other side of the ledge… Ok then, I guess whatever floats your boat. Seeing that does absolutely nothing for me now as a 35 year old man, and I highly doubt it would have done anything for me even back when I was a youngin’ just getting into BMX. Dylan’s Mutiny edit on the other hand just makes BMX look fucking awesome. Maybe kids today are just too soft to see something like this and want to aspire to being able to flow around and boost the shit out of trails and concrete. Who knows, but this is what BMX is about if you ask me.

Ryan Lloyd – Through My Eyes

Here’s a little stoke to get your weekend started off right! Ryan Lloyd gives you a first hand view of some of the fun stuff to do in Queenstown, New Zealand. Of course that includes Gorge Road, but I was equally excited to see him battling people down that wild gravity cart track. I hate to say it but that might be my first stop if I ever make it to Queenstown!

Flashback: Chris Stauffer – ECD 4 Section

Last Sunday I had the pleasure and honor of seeing Chris Stauffer make his return to riding Posh after a hiatus spanning several years. Seeing him start off on the warm-up line and work his way back up to riding Chillers and Sidewinder was nothing short of magical. There wasn’t one person not clapping when he busted out one of his signature kicked out 270 x-ups over the Butcher Jump! That will definitely be one of those moments that I’ll always remember! Now, usually I wouldn’t post a video where the soundtrack has been removed by Youtube, but you don’t need a soundtrack to appreciate Stauff’s riding in his ECD 4 section from 2000. Let me tell you that after 15 years and even some time off of his bike, the dude’s riding is just as stylish!