Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

Exotic cars and dirt jumping aren’t two things that I would think go together, but the Goodwood Festival of Speed somehow manages to successfully combine the two into one weekend of awesomeness. Ride UK put together this quick edit of some of the action going down on the dirt course; which I have to say looks pretty damn fun.

The Bubba Scrub in Ultra Slow-Mo

I usually try to keep it to just bikes around here, but this warrants an exception! I’ve always been a huge fan of motocross and especially of the way that James Stewart rides it. Say what you want to say about the dude, but he definitely changed the game. This move in particular was/is absolutely revolutionary. The Bubba Scrub is impressive as is, but seeing it in super slow-mo is pretty mind blowing. Now we just need to get a super slow-mo of BF laying one of these down!

Clay Brown FBM Steadfast CS Frames

bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

I’ve been wondering what the clay brown color was going to look like ever since FBM announced it as one of the colors the 2015 Steadfast CS frames would be coming in. Would it have an orangish hue like Catty’s clay, be golden brown like Posh’s, or perhaps be a light brown textured finish with sharp rocks mixed in to pay homage to Minersville? Wrong, wrong, and most definitely wrong! None of those guesses were even close. I’d say that it most resembles the dark reddish clay of Brazil’s Kamaka Trails. I’d also say that it looks pretty badass! I really can’t wait to see some of these built up! The 2015 Steadfast CS frames also come in clear for those of you adverse to adding a little color to your ride. You can check out both colors and the full specs over on the FBM site.