Summer Camp 2 – End of Days

Unfortunately today is starting off with this video that brings the news of yet another set of trails lost to the plow. Though I wasn’t super familiar with these trails, I do recall seeing them pop up in videos from time to time. Here’s a reflection back on the good and the great times had at Summer Camp.

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Coop Trails 2017

I’m always excited to see some fresh trails footage from Japan! This comes from the Kantō region’s Coop Trails where the scene looks to be thriving on both ends of the age spectrum.

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bmx trails dirt jumping

Mystery Shirt Packs

The other day we put together a few mystery shirt packs where you could get three random CYDI shirts for $30, and they got snatched up so fast that they were all gone within a few hours! Well, if you missed out on them the other day you’re in luck because we put together four more. There’s two medium and two XL mystery shirt packs up for grabs in the store right now! Have at them HERE while they last!

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