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9th Street Trails Halloween Jam

It’s that time of year where 9th Street gets some love in preparation for the annual Halloween Jam. The jam isn’t until Saturday, October 31st, but I’m sure they would appreciate a hand getting the place dialed in if you’re around to help.

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Last Calls

I was stoked when I pressed play on this edit from Elliot Woodhouse and it had Brockham in it. The stoke levels continued to rise as I got further in and discovered it had Leatherhead and Wisley in it as well! Love seeing those spots!

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A New PA Woods Edit!

This short web edit is the result of Janis deciding to pick up the camera once again. I don’t know about you, but I miss those old PA Woods videos. I’m definitely looking forward to whatever he has planned!

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bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Steven Mack’s Cult TRF

The physical manifestation of the new trail frame Cult has been working on made its first appearance at Interbike last month. Looks like Steven Mack gets the honor of being the first to put the Cult TRF prototype through its paces. Thinking about who they have on their team, I can’t think of a better person (who doesn’t already have a signature frame) to do it.

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Verde – A Day At The Trails With Lima

I’ve been waiting all day for Lima’s new Verde edit to drop! He teamed up with Ryan Hallett to get it done, and it came out great even though their filming was cut down to only one day due to rain. Imagine what this would have been like if they had gotten the full three days of filming in that they originally planned. I guess they’ll just have to make a second edit once they get the chance to hit up those spots that they didn’t make it to this time!

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Will's Trail Jam

Rescheduled: Will’s Trail Jam

The jam at Will Lueth’s place was supposed to go down last month but the weather had other ideas. He’s going to give it another go this Saturday (10/10), so dial in a ride to Upstate NY and keep your fingers crossed the weather plays nice this time.

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Dirty Week #2 Trailer

Looks like there’s going to be a follow up to last year’s 10 minute “Dirty Week” trails edit from PRLBMX! No word on when it will be out but you know I’ll have it posted up as soon as it drops.

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Peynier Reunion

Seeing Alex Dropsy’s name pop up in a new edit sure did get me excited this morning! It’s funny cause I was just asking someone about him not too long ago. Alex, BiBi, Nicolas Bertier, Markus Hampl, and BĂ©renger Cordier came together at Peynier last month, and luckily someone had the foresight to get the GoPro rolling on this magical reunion.

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