Sheep Herding With Kris Fox And Hucker

Demolition has a really good interview up with Hucker and Kris Fox where they talk about the influence Sheep Hills has had on them. I usually tend to think negatively when I think about Sheep. It's kind of hard not to when you've grown up on the East Coast with the best trails in the world. This gives a cool perspective on what it was like being a kid when Sheep was in its heyday. Putting the chrome pitting moon dust, homeless tweakers, RC car photo shoots, and god knows what other ridiculousness that has occurred out there aside, it must have been pretty awesome to have gone there as a kid. Head on over to Demolition to check out the interview and photo gallery.

Brose Farm POV

Peace and tranquility has returned to the Brose Farm now that this year’s Jam has come and gone. Here’s a POV run through Boyd and crew’s handy work without the motocrossers and camo loving Canadian ladies lurking around.

TRA Doublecross & Dirt Jump Comp

It's been ridiculously tough keeping this under wraps for the past few months! Here's the first official press release on TRA's next event. Start figuring out NOW how you're going to get to Bethlehem on October 4th!

Press Release:

TRA BMX Announces 2014 Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp – Pro Invitational Event, October 4th

Bethlehem, PA (July 29, 2014) – TRA BMX is proud to announce the 2014 TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp, a pro invitational slopestyle trail event that will take place October 4, 2014 at the TRA compound near Bethlehem Pennsylvania, home of Posh and Catty Trails.  The event will include over 30 top dirt riders from around the globe including select Red Bull athletes competing for an $8,000 Pro Purse.  The course will feature massive bowl jumps and nonstop downhill trail action by Dirtsculpt’s Dave King.  With support from Red Bull, Dan’s Comp, S&M, FIT, iON, Odyssey, United, Empire, Doublecross Bikes, Hyper, SNAFU, Soilworks, Blackman’s Cycle, Axlerad Screen Printing, and STAY STRONG, plus coverage by Red Bull Media House, Transworld Ride BMX, DIG, BMX Plus, Can You Dig It, and more, the event will bring some of the top riders in BMX together for an epic event with a backyard vibe and a worldwide reach.

The event will include two contests, the Dirt Jump Comp and the Double Cross – a one-on-one downhill trail race.  TRA owner and contest organizer, Mike Gentilcore, explained the motivation behind the new event: “This event is part of TRA’s mission is to bring the pro-level dirt courses from the big TV contests into a setting that the core industry can be part of.  It’s an opportunity to promote the core brands that support the sport and include many of the top trail riders you don’t normally see in the larger contests.  The Dirt Jump Comp will feature a relaxed rider-judged format where everyone can throw down and have a great time on an epic course you don’t typically see in a backyard setting“

For the Double Cross part of the event, Mike added: “We’re running a head to head race right on the Dirt Jump Comp course.  The course will be built double-wide with a line down the middle, 100% trails, nothing more, nothing less.  This is BMX racing on trails like riders across America build for themselves every day, the way it should be.  We presented the concept to the Red Bull athletes last year and everyone was psyched on it.  The course will feature a drop-in right into the first bowl jump to keep the action flowing, and steep lips and landings for big airtime.  And since this is a TRA event, you can bet clipless pedals and carbon fiber equipment will be nowhere in sight.  We’re looking forward to doing something that’s been a long time coming for both the riders and the sport of BMX, independent of anything else out there.“

Video coverage of the 2014 TRA Doublecross and Dirt Jump Comp Pro Invitational will be produced by Red Bull Media House and made available online post-event.  For more information, check out and the non-profit for Posh and Catty trails at  You can also check out behind-the-scenes footage from Dirtsculpt’s Dave King, the creative force behind some of the world’s largest BMX dirt events including ESPN‘s X-Games, Red Bull‘s Dirt Conquers, and more, at


For some reason all I can think about while watching this is Denis Leary drinking a shit ton of whiskey, making rescues, bangin’ broads, and talking to dead people.

Kush Campout

It’s always a treat to see a new one from the woods known as Kush. Luke and the boys do incredible work, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to make it up there and check it out first hand.

Bangers and Mash Jam

I was hoping there would be an edit from this year’s Bangers & Mash since I missed the livecast. Not only is there an edit, but there’s a Dylan Pfohl edit! It looks like this years jam was a damn good time for everyone who made it out. How could it not be with Rick Thorne’s band playing? I do have a question though. Pat Casey knows that Fox shirt that he wears all the time is a dress, right?