Shoveldick Air Fresheners Available in the Store!

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We’ve had Shoveldick Air Fresheners available in the store for quite some time now but never did an actual announcement. I don’t know about yours but my car smells terrible this time of year. Inevitably I forget to take my digging shoes out of the back and waiting for me the next morning is the pungent odor of sweat, mildew, and the deer poop I always manage to step in leaving the woods. Hang one of these bad boys from the mirror and the pleasant smell of cherry will mask whatever funk you have brewing in your ride. For a limited time they also come with some free KILLSHIT stickers! Hit up the STORE to get amongst it!

Hilltop Edit and New Years Jam Info

Last month I had the chance to check out the new trails being built at the Hilltop BMX Facility just North of Houston, Texas and quite honestly I was blown away. The CTY boys did an absolutely amazing job on the build! This is the first video that I’ve come across of the place and it should help you see what I mean. There’s been a good bit of “testing” going on down there for the past few weeks but they’ll officially be opening it up with a New Years Jam on January 3rd. I’m telling you right now that you should do whatever you can to be in Willis, Texas on the 3rd. If you’re under 18 you’ll need a signed and notarized waiver in order to ride. You can grab that and all the other pertinent info about Hilltop from their FB page.

Greg Illingworth @ The Gum Trails

This is actually a whole Greg Illingworth edit filmed on his home turf of South Africa, but the only thing I was looking for was if it happened to have some South African trails in it. I’m happy to report that it indeed does! Jump on ahead to 02:12 to get to the part where Greg cruises the Gum Trails.