2nd Annual TRA GRINDlab Jam

Despite a short battle with the weather, the TRA Grindlab Jam went down a couple weekends back. This is the second one of these that Mike from TRA has put on, and it was a good time for sure. The event was super laid back and brought a lot of people out of the woodwork that I hadn’t seen in ages. There were a few people shooting video but Troy Zeigler was the first to come through with an edit. Check it out and then make your way over to the TRA site for the official write up, results, and a ton of photos!

Sheep Hills Jam

There's a jam going on down at Sheep this Saturday to help boost the stoke level of the local kids who have been helping whip the place back into shape. Somebody is even going to walk away with a Hucker frame when it's all said and done.

CTY Trails

It’s been a bit since I’ve seen anything new from CTY Woods. This little edit starts out with plenty of the digging footage that John Lee loves, and then moves into the crew taking some well deserved laps.