Matty Aquizap Bike Check

Non-padded GT Dropnose seat, 39t sprocket, a bit of rust, and a whole lot of roast. I think that would be an adequate description of Matty's ride. Snake Bite caught up with him for a bike check and a some words about his setup that you can check out HERE. Today also happens to Matty's 30th birthday. Welcome to level three bud!


I went to a show last week and there was a guy there who insisted on screaming “what the fuck” at the top of his lungs after every song. It would have been weird even if the show had been big, but there were only like twenty people there and he was louder than the damn band who had microphones. I hated the show so I could in no way relate to dude’s enthusiasm. Fast forward to this week and to this PMP video, and it hit me that if I were ever to go to PMP I would be that guy wandering around screaming what the fuck at the top of my lungs.


Big Ass Labor Day Sale Update

Today's the last day of our Big Ass Labor Day Sale. Not only is it the last chance to pick up some stuff for cheap, but it's also you last chance to pick up some stuff period. We are down to the very last of the last of most of the stuff we have in the store. We're working on a bunch of new stuff, so when the old stuff is gone it's gone for good. Below is a little list of what's about to run out and just how many are left. On a positive note, we're loaded up with stickers again. If you want any of the stuff below then I suggest you head over to the CYDI Store grab it before it's too late!

CYDI "Brush" T-Shirts (1 small, 3 medium)
Back Bone Pivotal Seats (1 black/white)
Zodiac Headset Dust Caps (1 black, 2 silver)
Compression "Septembre" DVDs (3)
POW "Welcome Back to Jeferson State!" DVDs (3)