REMINDER: Graveyard Trail Jam

bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

It was a bummer last week when heavy rains forced the Graveyard Jam to be rescheduled, but that’s behind us and there isn’t a drop of rain in sight for tomorrow’s jam. Just as I expected, Tyler and the crew used the extra week to keep digging, and the trails are running even better now than they would have been last week. If you’re anywhere within driving distance of San Antonio, then you should really do yourself a favor and make sure you’re at the jam tomorrow!

Save the Halesowen Trails

bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Unfortunately another day brings us news that yet another set of trails is in danger of being plowed. Last Friday the locals of the Halesowen Trails in England learned that after 15 years of existence the spot is set to be leveled. They immediately went to work gathering support from the community including some of the neighbors who’s yards back up to the trails. So far they’ve obtained more than 1000 supporters and the local media has even picked up on the story. They’d like to keep the support coming in, and you can help by simply joining the Facebook group they have set up. Let’s get behind these guys to help show the local council that the Halesowen Trails should stay!

The Los Angeles Dirt Park Promo

DJ Cosgrove and the crew are stepping up their efforts to bring a dirt park to Los Angeles, and they’ve enlisted the help of Kurt Yaeger, Rooftop, and stuntman Danny Downey to help tell the story of just why the city needs this to happen. Their preaching to the choir in my case, but I can definitely see this being very beneficial in gathering support. I highly encourage you to take a second to throw down a signature on the online petition they have going, and to also give them a ‘like’ on the Facebook page they’ve set up for the project.