Now I usually I’m not too down with digging edits, but I’ll let this one slide since only a quarter of it is actually digging. The rest is comprised of showing off dude’s car (lame) and then showing the trails (not lame). Now if we could just get an edit of them being ridden.

Proper – RTG Trail Bonus

I’ve literally never watched any of those Ride To Glory things due to my assumption that they were all street. I guess I was wrong since Proper just uploaded this bonus trail edit from the RTG from way back in 2008. It’s six years old so the video quality isn’t that great, the bars are tiny, and some of you trail nazis may be repulsed by the non-squared off corners, but hey I’m down with it.

ATL Halloween Jam

It’s that time of year where every jam has a Halloween theme going on. Here’s Bulldog Bikes edit from the one that went down in the ATL last weekend. What I wouldn’t give for a truckload of that fine Georgia clay!

Top 5 Tricks from Dreamline

Not sure who the hell picked these cause I only agree with one of them in there. You’re seriously going to tell me that Nyquist’s alley-oop truck out of the shark fin didn’t make it into the top 5? Or what about Dennis Enarson 450ing the damn thing? I can without a doubt say that the person who made this list definitely had a mama who was on the crack rock before she had them.

Snakewoods Summer/Autumn 2014

Ever see someone try to do a pond skim on a BMX bike? You will in this one from the boys at Snakewoods! Speaking of Snakewoods, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen anything from them. Apparently even this footage is dated, as they’ve made a fair bit of changes since it was shot.

Who can tell me what video used the same Misfits song they used in here? Hint, Taj does the best long-low speed jump to 360 the next set ever caught on film.