The Kyle Amidon Memorial Jam

The guys up in New England are putting on a jam at Rye Airfield on May 4th to celebrate the life of fellow trail rider Kyle Amidon who recently passed. They have established a fund for his daughter and 100% of the proceeds raised will be going into it. Lets all come together and make this as big of a celebration of Kyle's life as possible!

"Trail riders in NH and Mass have lost a very special friend, trail rider/ builder. Kyle Amidon died last month and we want to celebrate his life and come together to raise money for his beautiful 7 year old daughter Maisey Grace Amidon. She lost her dad and we want to help Kyle in the greatest way possible by contributing money that will go into a Fund for Maisey for future use such as college or her first car.

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to use the Rye Airfield Indoor Ramp Park to hold a special event. This means 100% of all money we raise will be directly deposited into the Maisey Grace Fund. Kyle was a great friend and amazing bike rider who deserves a massive celebration. Lets get the BMX community together for this."  -Adam Spitalny

Sunday @ Beltway

It’s funny seeing semi-local trails on the web before you actually see them in person. My buddy Denny has been digging at this spot for a while now and it looks like they’re coming up pretty good. I think a reconnaissance trip will be in order sometime soon!

Inside The FBM Warehouse

One thing I love about FBM is how they’ve always been open with letting people in to see their manufacturing process. Even in their early days you could go take a shop tour and see things in the works. Matty Brown just put together this new piece for X Games that takes a look at FBM’s current operation. As expected, they’re still kicking ass and cranking out that American made goodness.

Valley Trails BFD Jam

If you're going to be around the Dallas, Texas area this weekend then you should definitely check out Valley Trails Jam that's going down in Garland. Nick Tarrant is the point man for all the location and parking details. Drop him an email at for the info. Full flyer after the jump.  (more...)

Zodiac Engineering Dust Caps Available In The Store

I've been a huge fan of what Ken Spaulding is doing over at Zodiac Engineering for quite some time now. Whether they're manufacturing stuff for other companies or doing small runs of their own parts, you can be assured that whatever they produce is of the highest American made quality. I'm really excited that we could get some of their headset dust caps in the store. They fit Campy spec integrated headsets and are made of 7068 aluminum to keep them light and eliminate deformation that can cause premature bearing failure. Hit up the STORE to spruce up your ride with one of these gems.

A Toboggan Worth Slow Motion

I saw this last night and probably watched it a good 10 times. Matty with a toboggan that actually warrants the use of slow motion.