Wordeo Trails Featuring Bob Manchester

Well at first I thought Wordeo were some trails that I had never heard of. Turns out it’s a video messaging app that lets you put words on the videos you shoot. Now personally I would solely use the app for talking shit, but you may have other ideas. Either way here’s a commercial for it featuring Bob Manchester cruising my favorite white dirt trails. Sorry PSA, you’re currently sitting in second.

Reminder: TRA Doublecross & Dirt Jump Comp

We're just five days away from one of the most exciting events that will be going down this year. Mike Gentilcore and Dave King have been hard at work getting everything in place to make the TRA Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp a unique event that you're not going to want to miss. If you're within driving distance of Bethlehem, PA then I highly suggest you plan on being there this Saturday (October 4th) to check it out. Just hit the jump button and get a look at some pics of the course being build and the insane list of confirmed riders if you need anymore convincing! (more...)

Trails Trippin’ Summer 2014

This is the type of shit that keeps the stoke high around here! Between keeping Woodward looking as good as ever and traveling all over the UK and France, Andrew “Inch” Thomson has had quite the summer. We’re just lucky that he put his bike down long enough to film this!

“Trails epitomizes what life is about for me, good people who use their creativity, determination and willpower to make an idea/vision become a reality to then share and enjoy with others, smiles and positive vibes all round. You just don’t get the same atmosphere and appreciation at the skatepark!”

Yourpark Roadtrip

I devoted a few seconds to trying to hunt down a website for Yourpark Clothing but I had no luck despite the url being at the beginning of this video. So here’s what I know. Yourpark is apparently a clothing company and they went on a roadtrip. They hit trails, parks, a bit of street, and more trails in this edit and in that order. 01:21 and 03:52 are where you’ll find the trails!