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The 495 trails are the butt of a lot of jokes around my woods. They have so much potential but laziness has kept the place frozen with the same lines it’s had for over a decade. People fought tooth and nail to make them a legal set of trails, but once that finally happened their motivation to maintain the place went out the window. Every year the jumps get simultaneously smaller, rougher, and sketchier. Also every year it seems like a new person will come in and try to whip the place into shape only to be forced into the realization that one person can’t keep up with the damage the caused by the countless idiots that funnel through there. Maybe one day enough people will get their acts together and bring that place to its full potential.

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  1. haha I hear you. Sounds like your talking about me. I started going there and thought it would be really good to build them up and keep them nice. But like you said. People just ride the crap out of them and never fix what they mess up. A couple people cant keep up. And its mainly the big wheel guys up there anyhow. Matt adamson has done a lot of work there. I feel bad for not helping any more. But its just annoying.

  2. Haha yeah you definitely came to mind! There’s been plenty before you though including me!

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