A History of Tree Sprockets

When the original 1/2″ thick Tree sprocket came out I thought it was the coolest looking thing but way too burly for my needs. When they slimmed it down I was all over it and have been running one ever since. What’s crazy is that I’ve never had to replace one because it was damaged or worn out. The only reason I’ve ever needed a new one was just because of wanting a different size. Whenever I think about the strength of Tree’s sprockets one particular incident always comes to mind. We had just added a new jump onto one of our lines and weren’t quite sure if we had built it too lippy for the speed we had. I decided to be the crash test dummy, and sure enough the lip had way too much roast to actually get you over the gap. I pretty much went straight up and then straight back down onto the top of the landing sprocket first. My wrist and ankles were done but aside from being caked with dirt my sprocket was perfectly fine.

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