A Prettyshady Kill the Line Edit

Our friend Prettyshady Joe was creeping around Kill the Line this weekend with camera in hand. I guess we should call him Veloup Joe now. Either way, I sure have missed his edits!

“My 2014 Vans kill the line ‘edit’

I spent a whole 24 hours working on this, my plan going into the event was to film a lot and then edit into something original / different / weird.

Intro at 0.00

Finals action starts at 5.30 – the good runs I filmed

Finals podium at 17.25 – the results

Line walk though at 18.50 – walk and talk down the empty line

Extras at 27.18 – trains, quali runs, the english, random

End of video 46.46 – yes, 46 minutes long.

There’s no way this is complete or polished, its very much first draft but I don’t want to spend more time on a junk web video.”