American Icon Shimano DX Print

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Damn I’m stoked on this! I was just about to head out the door when I spotted this limited edition Shimano DX Print that American Icon is doing. A lot of kids probably have no idea what Shimano DXs are! These things were the standard as far as BMX pedals go and very well may be the most copied part in the history of BMX. GT made and exact copy of them, but even though they were an exact copy they still weren’t the originals. I’ve heard so many stories of people driving to small town bike shops looking for NOS Shimano DXs. Hell I even did! I never had a new set of DXs but I had several sets of used ones that I managed to run for years by frankensteining the parts together into a “useable” set. I finally gave in and retired them when both of my feet blew off right before the step down in “Hamburger Hill.” You can grab a copy of this print right from the American Icon Store, but I’d suggest that you do so quickly because something tells me that these are going to go fast! Spotted on FBM