And the Beat Goes On…

First and foremost I have to thank everyone who’s sent an email or message asking for Can You Dig It to come back. It’s been pretty amazing to open up the CYDI email and socials to find scores of messages from people all over the world writing in to say what CYDI meant to them. It’s going to take a bit, but I promise I’ll get a reply back to all of you!

I was actually pretty close bringing the site back about a year and a half ago, that was until our trails got plowed. More on that in a later post, but that definitely took the wind out of my sails as far as getting the site up and running again. Now that the sting of that has lessened a bit and there are some solid plans to get a new spot going, I think it’s finally time for a CYDI comeback!

So what can you expect from the CYDI reboot? Initially expect the site to be down from time to time as I get all the backend stuff sorted out and updated. Don’t worry if the site doesn’t load or shit looks wonky. It will all get worked out in time! After that it’s going to be business as usual, a collection of trails related content from around the world. There’s also a bunch of original content and other stuff that I never got around to doing pre-hiatus that I’m excited to finally get to work on. So bear with me for a couple weeks as I get the site’s functionality where it needs to be. We’ll be up and running on all cylinders soon!

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