ARF Helmet Comparison

Just the other day I somehow got to thinking about how my perception of helmet use has changed over the years. When I first started out nearly everyone rocked an open face Ecko at the trails. I’m not exactly sure who the first person I saw riding with a Pro-tec helmet was, but I want to say it was probably either Colin Winklemann or Weasel in 1201. I think right after that video came out pretty much everyone ditched their bulky helmets for a Pro-tec style half shell. Fast forward a couple of years and helmets at the trails pretty much disappeared altogether. I know personally that mine spent the majority of it’s life in the trunk of my car only to see the light of day at skateparks that enforced helmet use. I consider myself really lucky that I never took it to the dome during that time period. It wasn’t until Mike Aitken got injured that I smartened up and started wearing a helmet at the trails again. I can actually vividly remember the first time going to the trails after his accident. Part of the reason being the fact that I had decided to wear my helmet. Wouldn’t you know it that the first time wearing one in years I cased something and nose wheelied down the landing only to be stopped by my head hitting a tree. That pretty much sold me on rocking the helmet at the trails from then on. Sure there would be times where I’d forget it and still ride, but it seemed like as time went on it even that stopped. These days I’d feel naked without wearing it. I’ve known for quite some time that the skate style helmets don’t offer the same protection as the CPSC certified bike ones do. My problem with the hard foam helmets has always been comfort. For me they never seem to fit right and feel like crap compared to the soft foam ones. It’s also been a long time since I’ve tried one on. After watching this video I’m going to give them another chance. I went to the Pro-tec site and saw that they have taken some steps to update their helmets using hard foam liners to be more comfortable and fit like their soft foam counterparts. This video definitely makes you think about what you’re putting on your head. If you’re going to wear a helmet you may as well wear one that is going to provide the kind of protection you need for what you are doing.


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