Save the Kopachuck Trails

The locals of Washington’s Kopachuck Trails are fighting to keep their spot which has been in existence for 25 years from being plowed. Unfortunately they have so far been unsuccessful in their efforts to offer a solution that the Peninsula School District will accept. Hopefully something will change and they will be able to work something out with the district. …

Juan Placeres – “El Desafio” Chapter 1

Once again we have a video where I have absolutely no idea what is being said in it. The Google translated description wasn’t the best either. What I’ve managed to piece together is that this is part one of a documentary on Juan Placeres, who is considered an OG in the Chilean scene. Now I’m not sure whether he already …

Etbostrail Trail Jam 2014

Boris Basse hit me up with this video from the jam they did last summer at his local spot in France, Etbostrail. I’m always intrigued by spots like this that are part trails, part dirt skatepark. They straight up have a dirt spine mini with hips and wallrides going on. A cool spot for sure!

Cody Pollard for Fit Australia

Hit play on Cody Pollard’s new Fit edit for the handful of Snakewoods footage that’s sprinkled throughout, keep watching for the ridiculous blasting of concrete that he does, and then stick around to the end for one of the craziest/stupidest/almost deadly things I’ve ever seen done on a bike.