Adelaide City Promo

I vote to rename the place RADelaide, because any place that’s not only cool enough to have a public spot like City Dirt, but also to feature it in a commercial to promote the city is definitely a rad place to live!

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Fox Hill Trails Shirts

Fox Hill Trails Fundraiser Shirts

Earlier this year the Fox Hill Trails suffered a pretty big set back when they were demolished due to some unrelated issues elsewhere in the woods. Fortunately that’s not where the story ends! The locals are working with the landowner to legitimize the spot so that they can rebuild. That means getting insurance, and of course with that comes the associated cost. In order to help with that they’ve decided to sell shirts, and you can help them out by picking up one (or both) of these two incredible designs that they’ve come up with. Wait, it’s possible for trails…

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bmx trails dirt jumping

Save The Anthills!

I got the chance to check out The Anthills about seven or eight years ago when I was down in Houston visiting family. Cool spot with a kind of old school vibe that I was definitely digging. The place has had its fair share of adversity over the years due to some crazy floods, but it’s now facing it biggest challenge yet. Somehow after being there for over twenty years, the county has now decided that the trails are an encroachment on the nearby Buffalo Bayou. The locals are working to save the place and have a petition going…

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Thank You Mutiny!

As you’ve probably already heard, Mutiny is closing its doors after 22 years. I still vividly remember when they first came on the scene. There were a ton of rider owned brands popping up at the time, but Mutiny had a completely different vibe than the rest. The brand’s torch was eventually passed from Steve Inge to Joe Simon and Gaz Sanders, and they did an amazing job keeping that different vibe alive. They also did an incredible job supporting the trails scene. From sponsoring jams, to supporting trail riders like Robbo, to producing amazing trails edits like the one…

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Caffeine Trails

Named after the fact that every lap will make sure you’re wide awake, NorCal’s Caffeine Trails definitely look like they live up to that name!

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And the Beat Goes On…

First and foremost I have to thank everyone who’s sent an email or message asking for Can You Dig It to come back. It’s been pretty amazing to open up the CYDI email and socials to find scores of messages from people all over the world writing in to say what CYDI meant to them. It’s going to take a bit, but I promise I’ll get a reply back to all of you! I was actually pretty close bringing the site back about a year and a half ago, that was until our trails got plowed. More on that in…

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