TJ Ellis Bike Check

TJ gives you the breakdown on his Free Agent setup (not that you care about that). What matters is that there’s some rad footage of him roasting some SoCal dirt mixed amongst him talking about his ride.

Dude Where’s Your Seat?

Way back in the early days of CYDI I wrote a piece on the retarded shit that some of my friends used to ride. The above prototype seatless Yess frame that BMX Plus is testing instantly reminded me of those abominations. I'm really not sure what the point of this thing is, but I do know that I hate it. BMX racing has always brought forth some corny ass ideas and this is certainly up there amongst the top of them. As much as I hope this makes it into production so that I can berate the first person I see with one, I don't think that it actually will. I do believe that there's actually a rule in the BMX racing rule book that you have to have a seat. Who knows though, maybe they'll make an amendment for such an innovative development. Then we can all laugh at the fools riding around looking like their post snapped leaving both it and their seat firmly and completely lodged in their ass.

Mulville Makes Colombian News

Mark just recently spent some time bouncing around Colombia hitting up some contest. The gringo wound up getting himself on the local news, and not for the reason most Americans end up on the Colombian news (an anus full of cocaine). Apparently there’s a proper edit dropping tomorrow from his trip. Definitely looking forward to seeing that!

Chad Bautista Benefit Jam and Fundraiser

Chad Bautista recently suffered a severe leg and foot injury that has left him in need of a $75,000 surgery. Unfortunately Chad doesn't have health insurance and the hospital is denying him medical assistance or even the option of a payment plan. Without the surgery there is a very real possibility that Chad could lose his foot all together. We all need to come together and do whatever we can to help Chad raise the money for this surgery. This weekend the guys at the Bourbon Trails in Sacramento, California our hosting a benefit jam to raise money. All the info on that is on the flyer above. An online fundraiser has also been set up for Chad. I encourage you to make a donation to it if you aren't within range of the jam. Even if it's only a couple bucks, it all adds up. Let's work together and make sure Chad gets the surgery that needs. (more...)

The Cali Trip

What better way to escape old man winter than with a month long trip around California in an RV. That’s just what Sam Pilgrim, Danny Pace, Sam Reynolds, and Adam Williams did. From the looks of things, it was one hell of a good time! There’s a glorified (and an actual) foam pit session right in the middle of this thing. I’d suggest skipping through it when you get there. 04:38 will get you back to the actual trails action at Aptos, Stephen Murray’s house, and finally Cory “I’m Blacker than John Lee” Nastazio’s trails.

Chris Doyle Bike Check

Two bike checks in one day, we're on on a roll here. Chris Doyle is the next up with a bike check from Ride. Interesting enough, Chris has now joined the freecoaster club. Joking!  On the real though, some of the names of the parts change on Chris' bike but overall it's pretty much looked the same for as long as I've known him. Hey, it obviously works! Hit up Ride to lay eyes upon his 20 inch.

Photo Gallery: “The Good Old Fashioned Fruit Jam” By Todd Nichols

Earlier this month the locals at the Fruit Trails in Charlotte, North Carolina held a jam dubbed the "The Good Old Fashioned Fruit Jam." Our man in in NC, Todd Nichols was on hand and snapping off shots all day. If like me you were unable to be there, then here's a chance to live the jam vicariously through Todd's camera. Looks like it was a damn good time to me. Hit the jump button to check out the gallery, and make sure to put it in fullscreen! (more...)