GroTrails 2014

I don’t know about you but I’m loving all these edits looking back on 2014 that have been dropping recently. They’re unquestionably what have been helping me get through this period of no riding and ground too frozen to dig. This one from the GroTrails set to Chubby Checker is particularly wonderful!

Dan Closser – Solstice 2014

I was kind of bummed out after that last post. Thankfully this edit of Dan Closser flowing through Solstice arrived just in time to brighten up the ol’ mood. Any footage from Solstice is amazing, but seeing Dan ride there is just plain magical.

Rotoz Dirt Jump Park

Well it’s official! New Zealand has the coolest dirt parks in the world. This is my first time seeing the Rotoz Dirt Jump Park in Taranaki, though it’s apparently been around for the better part of 20 years. It may not be as polished at Gorge Road but it looks to be just about as much fun.