A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

Do yourself a favor and round up some friends, grab some beers and then figure out a way to watch this on your tv, because this 30 minute UK trails edit from Elliot Woodhouse deserves to be watched on the big screen and in good company! This is seriously like a who’s who and where’s where of UK trails awesomeness!

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Nitro Circus @ Adelaide City Dirt

And speaking of Adelaide City Dirt, here’s a video I happened to come across of Ryan Williams and Jaie Toohey stopping by for a session before the big Nitro Circus show in Adelaide. It’s a little vloggy and the jumps definitely could have used a little water, but it gives you a good look at City Dirt.

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bmx trails dirt jumping

Adelaide City Dirt Jam

The annual Octoberfest Jam at Adelaide City Dirt was unfortunately a rain out last year and had to be postponed six months or so until April 29th. The good news is that’s only a little over a week away!

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Pre-Order Your 2017 FBM Steadfast Now!

Or you can wait for the production versions to drop, BUT if you want things like 3/8″ dropout slots, integrated seat clamps, gyro tab holes or seatstay brake mounts, those are only available if you pre-order. This year’s colors are clear, tractor green and trans brown, and the 2017 Steadfast frames should be shipping mid-June. Look below for the 2017 specs (production versions) and click HERE to get your pre-order on!

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China Grove Trails Spring Jam

Here’s the edit from the China Grove Trails’ Spring Jam that I’ve been patiently waiting for! Shot out for Brian Gregor for putting it together and to Josh Hudson for creating such a visually appealing spot! Lovin’ the dirt spine!

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Piotrek Krajewski – La Poma MBA & Trail Lines

Piotrek Krajewski linking up La Poma’s MBA & Trail lines into one nearly minute long run. I’m impressed, but I think you could link up the lines at Minersville to where you were jumping for over a minute. Oh, and let’s not forget about Drexelbrook’s infamous million pack!

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