Big Ass Labor Day Sale Update

Today's the last day of our Big Ass Labor Day Sale. Not only is it the last chance to pick up some stuff for cheap, but it's also you last chance to pick up some stuff period. We are down to the very last of the last of most of the stuff we have in the store. We're working on a bunch of new stuff, so when the old stuff is gone it's gone for good. Below is a little list of what's about to run out and just how many are left. On a positive note, we're loaded up with stickers again. If you want any of the stuff below then I suggest you head over to the CYDI Store grab it before it's too late!

CYDI "Brush" T-Shirts (1 small, 3 medium)
Back Bone Pivotal Seats (1 black/white)
Zodiac Headset Dust Caps (1 black, 2 silver)
Compression "Septembre" DVDs (3)
POW "Welcome Back to Jeferson State!" DVDs (3)

Vans Kill the Line Results

The results are in and Dawid Godziek took the win at this year's Vans Kill the Line. Leandro Moreira took second, and Chris Doyle grabbed the last spot on the box. Congrats dudes! Check the official press release below for all the nitty gritty details.

"31st of August 2014 – Peynier, France. Dawid Godziek from Poland is the winner of VANS Kill the Line 2014. He convinced the judges with an amazing variety of hard tricks like a double barspin backflip, a triple truckdriver or a corked 720 combined with a super smooth style and perfect landings. The Brazilian Leandro Moreira placed second with a triple whip, superman nothing variations and his unique powerful style. Gentlemen rider and BMX legend Chris Doyle became third with his unbeatable 360 variations. The format was three runs with the best one counting. The "Riders Choice Award" went to wizard of AUS Corey Bohan. Winner of the "Best Train Competition" was again „Team Ridazz“ with T.J. Ellis (US), Leandro Moreira (BRA), Mike Saavedra (US), Daniel Juchatz (GER), Paul Langlands (NZ), Alex Landeros (US) and Jon Riddle (NZ). The German Daniel Juchatz was the lucky winner of the wildcard and made it to the finals.

More than 8.000 spectators witnessed 16 finalists out of 60 riders competing on the „Les Kills“ line in the pine woods with nine jumps. Some of the worlds best dirt riders came to the legendary Peynier Trails in the South of France and went for an overall prize money of 7.000 Euros. Definitely a highlight of the weekend was Ryan Nyquist (US) trying to pull a tree -sixty nose bump to bars (literally) and eventually pulling it.

The most relaxed trail contest of the season with perfect weather conditions, is organised by the BMX Peynier association – namely the BMX legendsAlex Dropsy, Berenger Guilb Cordier,  Bibi, Nicolas Beou Bertier and Cedric Pouky Carrez – and an entire village of volunteers. It was judged by head judge Dave "Hank“ Cleworth (UK), Axel Jurgens (ARG) and Patrick Haebig (AUT).

Thanks heaps to VANS Europe, Sosh™, GoPro, FUSE Protection, Roure Automobiles and to all volunteers, riders and helpers making this event possible. For more information check: and follow @vanskilltheline on Twitter and on Instagram."