United Socket Drive Sprockets

United has some new sprockets in the works that use Odyssey's socket drive interface system. I've personally haven't had any experience with anything using socket drive so I can't really say anything about it, the sprockets sure do look good though. You can grab that guard version if you're particularly prone to casing shit! These are just the first samples so it's still going to be a bit before we see them go into production.

Red Bull Quarter Master

I was putting my money on Morgan taking the win at Red Bull’s Quarter Master but in the end it was Hucker who went the highest. Kurt and I were joking around the other day about how much money it would take for one of us to hit that thing at full speed (brakes removed so you can’t bitch out). I think I settled on 10k plus medical expenses.

Pumped BMX 2 Official Trailer

I’m not much of a gamer but god damn do I love me some Pumped BMX. The second version of the game looks absolutely incredible and the wait is almost over to play it. It’s dropping next Thursday the 25th and I can guarantee that there’s going to be a serious lack of productivity from a lot of people that day.

Dropping Thursday 25th September – the #1 rated BMX game is back!

Following the 2012 cult hit, Pumped BMX is back and packed full of more wild levels, more wild tricks, and over 500 challenges and achievements. Oh, and it’s 3D too!

- 50 levels, 500 challenges – from the simple to the fiendishly difficult.
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements, featuring top BMX pros.
- 16 legit tricks from kickouts to cliffhangers, from icepicks to nose manuals.
- Super accurate physics – as close as you’ll get to real BMX without picking up a bike.
- Amazing controls allow full creativity, from floaty 360s to frontflip bikeflips.
- Record straight to your device for full control over your videos.


Ecuadorian Dirt

I was thinking about these Ecuadorian trails just the other day. Coincidentally this video of Philip Bertogg and Junda Pozo cruising them on big bikes just popped up. There are trails all over South America but for some reason I’m intrigued by the fact that there are some in Ecuador.

Rustic Dirt

Originally I was going to say something to the effect that this was the perfect mellow video to easy on into the day. That was until I spotted homeboy with the turquoise boxers. I see fools around here walking around with their pants well below their ass and they do this weird bow-legged Leigh Ramsdellesque walk to hold the things up. No clue how you would ride like that or more importantly why you would want to ride like that. I’d be scared they’d let loose, fall down, and get sucked into my tire.

First Look: Merritt FT1 Brian Foster Signature Tire

Earlier this year the guys at Merritt mentioned that they were working on a signature tire for Brian Foster. Of course my ears instantly perked up and I began wondering what they'd come up with. They were being tight lipped on the details but said that it would be quite a bit different than your traditional tire geared for the trails. That statement popped into my head numerous times over the next few months as I tried to visualize what BF's tire would look like. My guess was that it would be some kind of low profile knobby since trails and concrete are BF's terrains of choice. As far as being different than other trails tires, I was at a loss. (more...)