Justin Fouque

I saw this Justin Fouque edit from Soul posted around yesterday but it didn’t even occur to me that there might be some trails in it. Something told me to check it this morning and sure enough there’s a minute long section from Peynier and El Cable. 00:38 is where it kicks in!

A Weekend at Mamut Trails

I love when people send in videos of trails I haven’t seen before! Adam Jobbagy sent this one in from the Mamut Trails which I believe are in Hungary. What’s funny is that I would have guessed that they were somewhere here in the Northeast US had I not done a bit of digging to find the location.

Greenlake July Jam

The Greenlake locals came together for a little jam to coincide with some of the S&M team being in town. Those dudes stuck to the adjacent skatepark for the most part while locals roasted the jumps all day. Weird right? Clint, Matty, and Nutter definitely need to be on the trip next time!

Flying with the Dogg.

Man I love Digger’s videos! His musical choices are always unexpected, yet somehow right on point. He went and got himself a drone and quickly set about terrorizing anyone riding PSA to make this latest edit.

CHECKTRAILS Trip to Leipzig

Tomáš Kudrnáč sent in this edit from the trip he and some of the CHECKTRAILS crew took to ride the trails in Leipzig, Germany. I usually have a bias towards trails in the woods but this spot looks real fun! Watch the video and then check out a photo gallery from the trip over on the CHECKTRAILS site.