Bangers and Mash Jam

I was hoping there would be an edit from this year’s Bangers & Mash since I missed the livecast. Not only is there an edit, but there’s a Dylan Pfohl edit! It looks like this years jam was a damn good time for everyone who made it out. How could it not be with Rick Thorne’s band playing? I do have a question though. Pat Casey knows that Fox shirt that he wears all the time is a dress, right?


Here we have some raw footage of a spot that looks ridiculously fun. I need to find a spot to build a field goal jump like the one in here!

Sheep Hills Jam 2014

It’s been something like seven or eight years since I last went to Sheep Hills. Disrepair doesn’t even come close to adequately describing the condition it was in last time I was there. I’m glad to see that the place is slowly but surely being whipped back into shape (well as in shape as that moon dirt will allow).

Vinyl “First Hits Dyke Out”

For some reason I’ve gotten into the habit of doing most of my new jump testing solo. It makes things a bit nerve-racking, but as stressful as it is, I’m sure it’s nothing compared to testing new stuff out at H-Wood. Rock-paper-scissors is definitely the way to go as far as determining who gets to be the guinea pig. Protoz got the honors of testing out the new Dykye Out jump first, but Tom and Popple weren’t far behind. Via Vinyl