Fly Bikes UK Roadtrip 2008

Flashing back to 2008 with this Fly Bikes UK trip edit. There’s some good stuff from the Shotgun Trails (the UK version) and Chertsey in here, but there is one problem. You can’t skip ahead! Don’t even try, because it will take you right back to the beginning! I didn’t even know that was an option you had when setting up Vimeo vids, and I damn sure don’t know why the hell you would exercise that option for a BMX edit. Oh well, you’ll have to sit through a bit of bowl riding between the trail parts. Could be worse!

Les Gens Files

This video appealed to me because I’ve had moss on the brain lately and these trails are in no way lacking in the fuzzy uzzy green stuff.


John Rogerson hit me up with this edit that he described as “a few sketchy Villij clips from the summer.”  While these may not be 4k quality video clips, I think they are far from sketchy. Fuck, I’m happy to see anything from Villij. Shoot that shit with a flipcam that has jizz dried on the lens and I’ll still be psyched to watch it.

Texas Toast by Ryan Navazio

I was at Texas Toast and I honestly think that this video captures the vibe and overall awesomeness of the event better than actually being there. That really doesn’t make any sense and I probably think that because my brain is still fried from the immense amount of radiation it received from the Texas sun. Anyway, there have been and will be a ton of shit dropping from Texas Toast, but I guarantee that this is going to be the best of any of them. Hilarious that Navaz said that he wasn’t planning on filming anything at Toast!

Monster Speed & Style

I heard Adam Aloise talking about this event the other week at Dreamline. He was headed straight from NC to Vegas to build the course, and my curiosity was piqued as to what it was going to be all about. I couldn’t really wrap my brain around how a contest based on speed and style (aka tricks) would work. Well after watching this I don’t think I was the only one who didn’t know what the fuck was going on. Given I don’t know what the exact rules/judging criteria were, it basically looks like it was a dirt jumping contest where you had to sprint off the roll-in. Pretty much after the riders dropped in, all focus on getting to the end of the course first went out the window. I’ll just assume that tricks carried WAY more weight towards the overall score than did winning the race. I mean why else would you have Pat “Face Case” Casey sending giant three whips over the first set? He could have at least pushed through and done some sort of scrubbed three whip. Now that would have been something to see! Even more confusing was Kris Fox flying through the course full speed only to give up the win by pulling up as hard as he could over the last set to do one of his signature whips. Anyway, the course looked rad and hopefully it got some of the spectators there for Monster Energy Cup stoked on our little non-wax carrying side of BMX.