La Villette Trails 2015

I’m going to go ahead and post this digging edit from La Villette despite my extreme dislike of Sublime. Is it just me or does that look like straight up sand he puts on that lip?

Steven Hamilton Riding Trails

Randomly stumbled across this Steven Hamilton video that seems to have gone all but unnoticed by the rest of the BMX world. I have no clue what the hell Foxtrouble is, but if you jump to 1:20 you’ll find him riding a set of trails that are built on some pretty gnarly looking terrain. I can’t help but imagine the …

Merritt – FT1 Tire Winter Testing

Here’s one of those rare occasions where I post something with absolutely no trails in it. The weather hasn’t been playing nice so we’re going to have to wait a little while longer till we get the trail edit of BF testing his signature Merritt FT1 tire. It’s coming, rest assured! For now though you’ll just have to enjoy this …

Mataro 2015

Here’s one that almost slipped though the cracks, and what a shame it would have been if it had. A bunch of friends enjoying the always easy on the eyes Lost Trails, Eurocamp, and then finally Lloret. I have to say that Lloret has been popping up a ton lately. Not that that’s a bad thing! Just weird it went …

South Knox Trails

Another slo-mo edit that I actually enjoyed; I must be getting soft in my old age! That or people like Erik Doty are just doing a much better job with making them. I’m going to go ahead and lean toward the latter!