Doyle Still Drippin’

The Albion has a gallery of photos that didn’t quite make the cut for Doyle’s interview. My favorite is the one above of Mason giving him some tips on proper brooming technique.

Hot Mulville Action

This new edit of Mulville and some friends just popped up on his youtube page.  Highlights include Mulville shredding of course, as well as an alternate angle of that epic train through Monroeville that Protoz filmed with his helmet cam awhile back.  There’s even a few Doyle clips mixed in there.

Frog’s Custom Painted Deluxe

Deluxe just put up some photos showing off their man Frog’s new custom painted whip.  They should really consider adding that color to their line up.

Trails Documentary

Spotted this over on prettyshady.  It’s a little long and has a 1970’s BBC documentary vibe to it, but I think they did a pretty good job of capturing the essence of the woods.

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Happy Birthday BF!

It’s the Blue Falcon’s birthday and Fit put up this picture of him showing off that signature BF style.  ESPN also has a nice write up on some of the highlights of his illustrious career.  

Villij Under Water

It seems like the weather has been kicking everyones ass this year.  If it’s not a lack of rain then it’s too much with no happy medium in sight. I think I’ll stop complaining after seeing this picture that Mutiny posted of Robbo’s trails as my weather problems seem pale in comparison.