Backsides Matter Shirts!

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A while back we were at the trails digging away on something and got to talking about some of the things going on in the news lately. We’re just down the road from Baltimore where there was a ton of unrest over the summer, so of course that’s all that they’ve talking about on the news. While we didn’t have any riots or anything here in DC, we did have a few random protest pop up. What walking out onto a highway and blocking traffic does to actually help your cause is beyond me, but hey that’s the rights we have in America. Anyway, after seeing a few “Black Lives Matter” shirts floating around town, we got to joking around about making some similar shirts of our own. A few ideas were tossed out but “Backsides Matter” had us laughing the most. So with that, both shirts and stickers were ordered. We’ve been slapping the stickers up all over town and also tossing them in with every recent order. Shirts are in the works, and I just got word from the printer that they’ll be finished up next week. We only made 40 of them and 10 are already claimed, so you may want to hit up THE STORE and pre-order if you want to get your hands on one! I’ll also put the stickers up for sale in the store as well.