Bike Check: Jackson Allen’s FBM Steadfast

bmx trails dirt jumping

I may be a little bit biased, but in my opinion as far as BMX bikes go, trail riders have the best looking setups. For the most part you won’t find any of those quirky parts and color schemes that are often popular with our brethren who ride street and park exclusively. What you will find are bikes that tend to have a classic look and parts selection that just screams go fast and pull the fuck up. Jackson Allen’s latest FBM Steadfast build definitely fits that mold, and with the help of our friend Brian Barnhart we caught up with him to find out more about his current ride.

Photos By Brian Barnhart

bmx trails dirt jumping

Frame: 2016 FBM Steadfast CS

Fork: FBM CB4KS (not pictured here)

Stem: FBM PMA Top Load

Handlebars: Credence 9.25″

Cranks: Profile Race

Sprocket: Tree 33 tooth Spline Drive

Pedals: FBM NICE

Seatpost Clamp: FBM Hose Clamp

Seatpost: FBM

Seat: FBM Slim Pivotal

Wheels: FBM x Profile Hubs laced to SUN Big Ballers

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I think what I love about this bike is how little I think about it when I am riding it. I never worry about it, built in NY by experienced badasses, I know everything is solid. The slightly revised head tube angle, 74.25 is the most natural one I have ever ridden, the bike feels stable and predictable when riding bigger stuff but still can move in the tighter quarters of a skatepark. Visually I love the look of the taller standover and the slightly thinner tubing diameter. This version of the Steadfast has some little details that I love and the Trans Brown color lets you see all the welds.

My bikes have been set up the same way for years. Mostly black parts, uncut bars, little bit of seatpost, 3 to 1 gear ratio. I run my bars a little forward of my forks since I ride a 21 inch frame and like to move a little weight over the front end for nosing into things. I grew up with chainstay brakes and feel like they have more stopping power and less flex. They also have the the added benefit of leaving room near the seatstay/toptube junction so you can put the bike on a car’s rear bike rack on trips. I love the FBM x Profile mini hubs for a little flash and my favorite hub sound in BMX (no offense to all the Trail Elite fans out there). For the last five years I have run the FBM NICE pedals. I used to be a die hard metal pedal enthusiast but once I tried these I haven’t gone back, except in the wettest conditions. The softer compound of these plastic pedals feel great and they have one of biggest platforms I have found.

Overall, my favorite bike to date. American made grin machine.

-Jackson Allen

bmx trails dirt jumping

bmx trails dirt jumping