Bowl to Be a Trail 2013

There’s an old seventies park not too far from here called Lansdowne. For decades it sat behind a neighborhood and was all but forgotten about by authority. The park was a blast by itself but I think the lawless vibe that it had made it seem even more awesome. You’d have tweakers constantly rolling through, people flipping cars in the field below the park, dudes trying to ride the place on dirt bikes. It was fucking awesome! We used to always talk about how cool it would be to build trails there and have them lead in and out of the park. Unfortunately we lived far enough away that it wouldn’t have really been feasible for us to take on that project. Even more unfortunate is that the county eventually remembered that there was a skatepark there and they came in and turned it into a farce of what it used to be. Fences were erected, graffiti was removed, bikes were banned, and one of those shitty pre-fab parks was built next to the bowl to “modernize” the place. Whenever I see something from Bowl to Be a Trail it reminds me of what could have been. I don’t know the history behind the park in here or how they were able to get away with building trails around it, but it’s certainly cool!