Brad Simms Rides Trails?

Actually when Brad was a kid I would drag him all over Pennsylvania to ride with me. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard that question though. It always cracks me up to think that a lot of the dudes that are “killing” the streets right now couldn’t jump a double to save their lives. These days Brad’s name is associated with big rails and even bigger hops. Don’t let that fool you, he can ride trails with the best of them. Before he was ultra mega street super star Brad Simms he was following me through lines at Posh and Nam on an aluminum GT mini. This clip is from a trip few years ago up to the Brawl at the Belmar. We hit up the White Sox trails along the way and Brad proceeded to try and stretch this superman seatgrab for all it was worth. It didn’t quite work out that time, but believe me it’s something that he’s liable to bust out anytime.