Brian Kaminski Interview

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Brian Kaminski (or K as a lot of people call him) is a name that I’ve heard brought up a lot over the years, but wasn’t until this Summer that I actually got to meet him. It was during my first visit to Boondocks and he was the subject of a lot of people’s conversations. I learned that he had recently had a pretty crazy surgery for some kind of hereditary cancer that he had been diagnosed with. To my and everyone else’s surprise he wandered into the trails a little bit later. We chatted throughout the day and I learned a lot about what he had been going through. The more I learned the more I was amazed that he was up wandering around the trails and even more amazed when he took a lap through the pump track. Terra interviewed K about the surgery and details around it, and you can check it out over on ESPN. It’s a great read and one I definitely suggest taking the time for.