Can You Dig It App?

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Well, not exactly. The likelihood of us making an app is pretty slim, but I did make it so that you can add a Can You Dig It button to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. The site is already mobile device friendly, so once you add the button you’ll be just one click away from all the latest trails related content. Check out the instructions on how to add it after the jump. 

1. Open up the Can You Dig It home page in Safari.

Can You Dig It 4

2. Hit the “action button”

iPhone Action Button

3. Hit “Add to Home Screen”

Can You Dig It Button 1

4. Name it “Can You Dig It”

Can You Dig It Button 2

5. Hit “Add”

Boom! Can You Dig It right on your home screen!

Can You Dig It Button 3


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