Reminder: TRA Doublecross & Dirt Jump Comp

We're just five days away from one of the most exciting events that will be going down this year. Mike Gentilcore and Dave King have been hard at work getting everything in place to make the TRA Double Cross & Dirt Jump Comp a unique event that you're not going to want to miss. If you're within driving distance of Bethlehem, PA then I highly suggest you plan on being there this Saturday (October 4th) to check it out. Just hit the jump button and get a look at some pics of the course being build and the insane list of confirmed riders if you need anymore convincing! (more...)

Pinehurst Jam

Cody Curry hit me up about the jam he's hosting at the Pinehurst Trails in Eau Claire, Wisconsin this Saturday (Sept 27th). There haven't been trails in the area in quite some time and he's hoping to connect with friends both old and new. The jam starts at noon and there's even an after party that night for the 21 and up crowd.

La Villette Jam Teaser

The annual BMX Day Jam at La Villette is going down this Saturday, September 13th. They have a day and evening full of fun stuff planned out. DJ’s and a dance floor, yep they got that! A snack bar and restaurant on site to keep your stomach happy, they got it! Hit up their FB page if you need more info.


Red Bull Dreamline Teaser, Ticket Info, and More!

I don’t know about you but I’m VERY excited about this year’s Dreamline. This teaser gives us the first look at the course being built. They don’t show too much but I think we all know that it’s going to be amazing. Head HERE if you’re planning on going to the event and grab yourself a free ticket. There are only so many and they’re going quick! Now that you’ve gotten yourself a ticket, go ahead and hit the jump button for the full press release complete with the riders and alternates list. There’s some big names currently on the alternates list. Only four will get voted into the big show. Who would you want to see in there?  (more…)

The Garden Summer Dirt Jam

In just a couple weeks The Garden in Chicago will be hosting another one of their jams. Last year's looked like a hell of a good time and I would expect nothing less this year. August 30th is the day and things will get rolling right at 10am. There'll be food, raffles, and a time trial race on the pumptrack, so come on out and join in on the festivities. Check out the video from last year's jam after the jump. (more...)

Anonymous Trail Jam

The Anonymous Trails in Botucatu Brazil are throwing a jam on August 17th. Hopefully this will mean that we'll be seeing more from Anonymous since they seem to be a little more low key than some of the other Brazilian trails.

Řáholec Jam 2014

This year's Řáholec Jam is also a celebration of the L.E.S. Trails' ten year anniversary. Making it 10 years is no easy feat for a set of trails these days. I'm sure this is going to be a celebration not to be missed!

"It’s been ten years now, since we started to dig at L.E.S. trails. A minute from 24-7 gas station with always cold beer, near to a pond for summer refreshment, with decent dirt and within a pedal distance from beautiful town of Jicin, it was clear this spot has a potential. For those last ten years trails evolved from a 4-foot tall six-pack into regular trail place with bunch of lines for all kind of riders who enjoy woods and trails. Ten years isn’t few and it deserves proper celebration. There is no better way than infamous Řáholec Jam. All open party at woods with all-day riding, draught beer, crazy comps, afterparty with live bands and most of all - fun. That is Řáholec Jam and nobody, who likes trails and all the stuff around, should miss this one.

Řáholec Jam 2014 – 10th year anniversary of L.E.S. trails


Jicin, Czech Republic

Supported by Vans, Jägermeister, Red Bull"