Bowl to Be a Trail

If there’s two things I love it’s trails and snake runs. Combine the two and I have a new place to visit added to the bucket list.

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Deluxe Colorado Premeir @ Pusher

Pusher is hosting the Colorado premier of the new Deluxe video tomorrow. Be there at 8pm if you’re out that way and spending Friday the 13th with the Pusher crew doesn’t scare you.

Anacostia Trails Jam

Mike Farnham came through with a little edit from the jam we had at our local spot.  It was 100 degrees and that tree shut down half of the trails but we made the best of it.  Good times for sure and I can’t wait to do another one this fall.

Memphis MTV Sports & Music Festival

Fourteen years later I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not going to this. If I remember right I had the choice to either go to a race with one of my roommates or to go with the other to Memphis to check this out.  Of course he comes back saying awesome it was… Continue reading Memphis MTV Sports & Music Festival