Interview: Merritt’s Mike Brennan & Sean Curran

In the almost ten years that I've known Mike Brennan I've seen him go from a relatively unknown rider from New Jersey who landed tailwhips with one foot on the top tube (sorry Mike I had to!) to being a full on BMX pro. Sponsors, traveling, video parts, the whole nine yards. Over that time Mike has continued to grow as both a rider and a person and has added a wife and kids into that mix as well. He's also put in some considerable work on the business side of the BMX industry, first with Animal Bikes and now with his latest venture Merritt. I heard the first rumblings about Merritt right before 2012's Interbike. I usually don't get too excited when a new company pops up but something told me that this company was going to be different. Over the past year and a half, Mike along with partner and highly respected product designer Sean Curran have been steadily growing Merritt into their vision of what a BMX company should be. With a stacked team that includes Brian Foster and some very well thought out and aesthetically pleasing products, Merritt has gone from the new company on the block to one that is well on its way to being one of the industry leaders. (more...)

Trails Certified: Kink’s Mudrunner Frame

Kink is a company that commands a lot of respect. Over the course of almost two decades it has grown from a small company producing axles and pegs into one of the biggest companies in bmx. Over the years they have put out a slew of legendary products such as the El Guapo pegs, the Freebird frame, the Jim Cielencki signature frame, and the list goes on and on. These days they produce a full line of bikes, frames, parts, and even clothing, and every year the line gets more and more dialed. A lot of thought goes into the design of each and everything Kink makes, which is why my attention was instantly piqued when I heard that they were going to be releasing a trails frame. Pictures of the frame first started surfacing just over a year ago and they had a lot of people talking. Fast forward to now and Kink's Mudrunner frame has gone through the same rigorous team testing that all of their products do and is now available at shops and mail orders worldwide. I shot a few questions over to Kink's product designer/brand manager Matt Antes to find out a little bit more about the recent addition to their frame line. Check out what he had to say and have a closer look at Kink's newest entry into the trails frame market. (more...)

Interview: Prettyshady Joe

I’m not sure when or even how I first came across Prettyshady. What I do know is that once I did it became the site that I religiously checked every time I got on the computer. At the time it seemed like every other BMX site was solely concerned with videos of the latest grind or ones showing that someone had been able to kick their bike around another time. Prettyshady was different and posted videos that I wanted to see. While trails had all but fallen off of the radar of other sites, Prettyshady was often updated with videos of trails that I had never seen or heard of. There was a lot of talk at the time that trails were dead and that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Prettyshady proved that almost everyday! One of the cool things about site was the randomness of it all. Not only were there trails videos but also all of sorts of random things like Formula 1,  Tour De France, crash videos, vintage bikes, etc. Prettyshady not only was a place to find trails videos but it also offered a window into the world of Joe Alderson, or Prettyshady Joe as he came to be known. As time went on Prettyshady seemed to slow down a bit. What was interesting was that you could see Joe’s changing interest by what he posted on the site. Prettyshady had a huge influence on me starting CYDI. It showed me that not only were there trails videos out there that were mostly going unseen but more importantly that trails were very far from dead! Even though I was a huge fan of the site, up until recently I really didn't know much about the man behind it. Just by chance a few months ago I ended up getting Joe's email from a mutual friend and we've been chatting back and forth ever since. Prettyshady has recently evolved into Veloup and I wanted to interview Joe about that change and about some of the history behind Prettyshady. He has stories for days so kick back and enjoy this one! (more...)

Interview: Scott Draper

Scott is a G when it comes to trails, if you have been around for the last 10 years then i'm sure you have crossed paths with Scott at some point. I haven't had the chance to ride with him in the last few years, so we decided to do a little bit of catching up. Draper is currently hurt posted up in Austin, have a read what he's been doing. (more...)

The Twelve Pack: Blaine Mazzetti

Name: Blaine Mazzetti
Age: 25
Local Trails: My backyard setup and Shawn Shimkets yard (North County San Diego)
Hook Ups: None, other than my wife's family for letting us use their land for the trails and run up their water bill outrageously high every month.

1. Who would you want to have digging with you if you had to start a new set of trails?

Obviously my local crew: Shawn Shimkets, Braden Banfer, and Adam Watkins, these guys all bust ass and move some dirt! If I had to start fresh with a new spot and crew, well I'd have to go with the Hazelwood crew or the Eastside guys, if you've been to either spot you'll know why. These guys move some serious dirt and build some rad jumps. (more...)

The Twelve Pack: Alex Boyd

Name: Alexander William Boyd
Age: 22
Local Trails: Vinewood
Hook Ups: Deluxe, Crucial BMX Shop, Duo, DIG FOUR VICTORY

1. What were the first trails you ever went to?

I guess the first legit trails I went to were Shipham, but before that it was this wild place called Kingswood. It was essentially a big ass hill into this 15ft lip, 3ft long table top. You HAULED ASS down this hill and somehow got about 2ft tops out of the mega booter hahah. (more...)

Introducing: Shape Bicycles

I don't remember how I came upon it but last spring I stumbled across a stem that I had never seen before from a company that I had never heard of. I eventually found my way to their site and to my surprise there was a whole line of products that were geared towards the trails. That company was Shape Bicycles, and over the past few months I've had the pleasure of chatting back and forth with its creator Sylvain Taro. Sylvain is an awesome dude with a passion for design and a strong belief in French manufacturing. All of the parts made by Shape Bicycles are both designed and manufactured in France. While so many companies these days have gone the Taiwan route for production Sylvain has chosen to keep his manufacturing as close to home as possible. The result is a line of parts that give a nod to the old school with beautiful machining and simpler designs. I really wanted to find out more about both Sylvain and Shape so I went ahead and bounced some questions back and forth with him. Over the course of the last few weeks not only did the following interview come about but also the decision to bring Shape Bicycles to the US via the new Can You Dig It Web Store. Check out the interview below and then go have a look at some of Shape's offerings in the store.  (more...)

Interview: Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny

A couple of months ago I started to see something called Jäunt popping up in my feeds. I was immediately drawn in by the clean logo and wanted to find out who or what exactly Jäunt was. To my surprise it was a new clothing brand headed up by none other than Mike Potoczny. For those not familiar with Mike, he's quite the radical dude! He's one of the nicest people you will ever meet and he kills it on a bike. The first time I ever met him was at one of the Welcome Jams a few years back. I was walking around checking out the lines and he came up to introduce himself and thank me for coming out. I'm not sure why that stood out so much to me, but it did and it left a resounding first impression. Over the years I've gotten to know Mike, and he's become one of my favorite people to ride and hang with. He just graduated college and has dove head first into creating this new brand. I was pretty curious about Jäunt so I shot a few questions over to him to find out more and to get some insight into his new venture. On a side note I couldn't remember what his degree was in so I sent him a text. His response, "History Pimping. Pimping all the hot historical chicks. Give me Cleopatra." Mike rules! Check out the interview after the jump. (more...)