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2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

We as trail riders have a slight tendency to ride frames and parts a lot longer than we really should. It’s nothing for someone to show up in the woods still rocking a frame with an American bottom bracket and press fit headset, (Shawn Shoener, I’m looking in your direction). The thing about it is that both frames and parts really should be replaced every a few years. No one wants to find themselves in a twisted ball of metal and flesh because something catastrophically failed due to fatigue. Take a second to think about the forces and stress that…

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Kush – Evening Laps

Kush footage is always a treat because there’s not that much of it. I’m very grateful that the locals decided to put down their shovels long enough to film some evening POV laps!

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Dominik Vacík 2015

Wow this place is dry! Not even Dominik Vacík’s watering efforts at the beginning of this edit were enough to cure the Atacama Desert-like conditions of those trails. Reminds me of how things were here this Spring before we transitioned into our rain everyday phase.

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Brian Foster – Holy Fit

A few days ago Fit started putting the sections from their Holy Fit DVD online. I was excited because that meant that I would finally get to see Brian Foster’s part. I know I should have probably picked up a copy of the DVD back when it came out but I slacked on it. Since I never actually saw Holy Fit I had no idea where BF’s section was in the video to know how long I was going to have to wait for it to be online. I’m delighted that I didn’t have to wait long! As expected there’s…

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Get Well Brian!

I was so bummed to see this when I opened up my computer this morning. Posh’s Brian Coleman is out with broken tibia and possible ACL damage. Make sure you take a second to send some positive vibes his way. Brian is an integral part of Posh’s tiny crew so please also consider taking some time to help them out with whatever they need if you find yourself up that way. Get well bud!

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Extreme Wheelbarrowing

These videos pop up from time to time and though I always get a chuckle out of them, I’ve never felt the need to actually post one. This one with its POV shots and other ridiculousness really had me laughing so here it is, the first extreme wheelbarrowing edit on Can You Dig It!

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