PRAVDA Trails Section

Thinking about it, we don’t really see all that many trail edits come out of Russia. In the last three years I can remember posting less than five. This is trail section from the 2010 PRAVDA video. I was going to hold onto it for a flashback post but then it came to me that… Continue reading PRAVDA Trails Section

K-Hole Jam 2015 Part 2

Here we have the second installment of GetaBMX’s K-Hole Jam edits. I was kind of curious as to how they were going to squeeze two edits out of one jam but Milan managed to pull it off. This edit is my favorite of the two though!

Reminder: CTY Woods Labor Day Jam

Here’s the updated flyer and a little reminder that the two day CTY Woods Labor Day Jam is going down next weekend in Denton, Texas. You can hit up their FB event page for more info and check out the full flyer and video promo after the jump.

Flashback: Chris Stauffer – ECD 4 Section

Last Sunday I had the pleasure and honor of seeing Chris Stauffer make his return to riding Posh after a hiatus spanning several years. Seeing him start off on the warm-up line and work his way back up to riding Chillers and Sidewinder was nothing short of magical. There wasn’t one person not clapping when… Continue reading Flashback: Chris Stauffer – ECD 4 Section

Decoy Jam 15

I really like this video that Ryan Hallett put together from the Decoy Jam. There’s a few wild circus maneuvers in here but for the most part it’s just dudes roasting that place the way it’s meant to roasted!