Up Close: Deluxe PA Model Frame

Deluxe has always been known for producing clean and simple frames geared towards riding trails. Their latest frame, The PA Model continues those traditions and also builds upon them. The result is a frame that is totally Deluxe but with just the right touch of modern features and details.

Up Close: S&M Trackmark Tire

A couple of weeks ago we looked at S&M’s Mainline tire. Today we’re going to get a gander what S&M says is the perfect rear tire to compliment it in the woods, the Trackmark. S&M bills the Trackmark as their race tire but don’t go thinking that this is anything like the overly knobby motocross-esque… Continue reading Up Close: S&M Trackmark Tire

Up Close: Deluxe V4 Hubs

We’re changing things up with how we do product post. From here on out we are getting hands on with the products we take a look at. No more just regurgitating the specs and pics from manufacture’s sites. We want to be able to give you a real and genuine impression of the products we… Continue reading Up Close: Deluxe V4 Hubs