The Minion DVD (AKA The Minersville DVD)

Flo Jos, Johnnys, Rollers, Up and At ‘Em, Thunder, Lightening, Hips, Bunker, Ladies, Subba Bubba, if any of those names mean something to you then you’re going to love what we have for you today. The amount of good times had at Minersville is absolutely immeasurable. I still remember being completely blown away the first time that I ever went there. I had been to Posh, Nam, Push, and countless other trails at the time, but there was just something different about that place. Over the next few years I headed North every chance I got to spend time riding and hanging in the woods with my extended trail family in Minersville, PA. Those are times that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Unfortunately they were cut short due to a sketchy kid and his overly litigious parents.

Minersville had it’s heyday long before everyone had a phone capable of shooting video. Hell, it was even before most of us could afford video cameras period. That combined with the fact that people were way more concerned with riding than filming back then has left Minersville living on more in people’s memories than in videos. Sure there’s some footage out there but you got to know where to find it.

Earlier this year Louis Delfino hit me up and said that he had a DVD that contained a ton of unseen Minersville footage. I was intrigued of course and it was decided that he’d send it to me and I’d try to get it up on the site. Months, a broken disc drive, a borrowed PC, and numerous temperamental cd ripping programs later I was finally able to get it done. I’ve watched the DVD quite a few times since Louis sent it to me and I’m psyched to finally be able to share it with the rest of you. I present you The Minion DVD, 42 minutes of Minersville footage that you’ve more than likely never laid eyes on. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face then I bet the soundtrack will. It’s still pretty early but you may want to grab a cold Yuengling for this one!

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Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” DVD | Tom Arkus

I was really hoping Tom would write his own description for his Vinyl “LP” part. Personally I thought it would be hilarious if he did it in the third person, but since he didn’t like that idea the job falls on me. Tom is tall, but unlike Barspinner Ryan he doesn’t look completely goofy riding a little kid’s bike. As a matter of fact he actually looks pretty good riding one, that is if you can look past the fact that his bars are in a position that young children in Chicago dream of. Seriously though, Tom’s part is one of my favorites in the video. The French trails he rides in it are absolutely amazing, and his local spot back here in the states isn’t too bad either.

Check out the other sections from Vinyl’s “LP” DVD on the Designated Page Tom set up!

Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” DVD | Jeremy Muller

Jeremy Muller’s section from the Vinyl “LP” DVD. Majority of Jem’s section is filmed in South of France, along with a few runs on the East Coast of PA. Jem’s put in a lot of work in a very short amount of time to get his section together, I wish we had endless summers to film. But i think Jem’s picked the appropriate song for his DVD part to make it that much better.

Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Page.

Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” DVD | Friends

This section of the DVD has a unique mix of riders ripping trails and concrete. Featuring: Denis Mowgly, Mark Mulville, Brandan “Punjab” Pundai, Chris Doyle, Ryan Melia, Isaac Hoefling, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Kevin Porter, and Chase Zink.

Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Page.

Exclusive Video: Vinyl “LP” | Intro & Vince Primel

The Vinyl “LP” DVD is going to be parted out week by week, first up we have the Intro and Vince Primel’s part. A few trips to Europe, and one to America we were able to gather enough footage in one year for Vince to have a section.

The “LP” DVD will have a designated page, you can keep checking that link to view all the video parts from the dvd.

Exclusive Video: Texas Toast Dirt 2013

I’ve seen, been to, and even entered a pretty good number of dirt contest in my day, but I have to say that this year’s contest at Texas Toast was by far the best! You could feel the energy in the air, and almost every rider had a huge smile on their face during their runs. With all the rain that they got beforehand it was an absolute miracle that the contest even happened. Hats off to Clint, Matty, Will, and the rest of the dudes who built the course and managed to salvage it from the deluge of rain. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Toast and I’d highly recommend that you plan on being there. Our buddy Geo Jenkins put together this edit of the highlights from the dirt finals. If it doesn’t motivate you to get down there next year then you should probably go ahead and get yourself a bar of wax and go join the rest of the ledge monkeys.

Exclusive Video: Welcome Jam 2013

The world known Potoczny Welcome Jam had a massive turn out this year. Every year the jam’s get bigger and bigger, my imagination can only wonder what next year will be like. Meaning we have to one up the video we just made. Results: Best Trick | Jeremy Ball, High Air | Tyler Valentik, High Air Quarter | Lil Jon, Best Pancake | Teddy Van Orman. The video features two local bands from Pittsburgh, Guests of Guests and Locks and Dams. There will be an outtakes video coming out soon, it will cover the quarter pipe high air and bloopers from the eventful day.


Exclusive Video: Heathens Jam 2013

Heathens Jam 2013 was a blast, already can’t wait till the next one. We had a pretty strong Pittsburgh based crew that rolled in to claim the jumps. Will Herman was announced the Patch Pimp for shredding so hard. The Queen of England better approve of this. Tyler Valentik AKA “Baby T” won the boost portion of the jam. Featuring: Ryan Popple, Mike Cottle, Rob Darden, Mike Potoczny, Noshirt, Mike Hucker, Glen Johnson, and more. Enough reading click the play button!