Chutzpah x Faces of the Shovel

First off this is in Portuguese and even though I had no idea what they were saying I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was going on. After I watched it I ran the description through Google Translate and lo and behold I was spot on. The dudes at the Continental Trails took calling out people not pulling their weight to the next level! Check the translation after the jump. 

According to the dictionary, Parasite is: 1. living thing that eats other 2. person living at the expense of another this educational video, Blue and Pliny show with good humor as a chutzpah takes advantage of the other gig as these others are preparing the ground for him to walk in peace. Very funny video and direct the guy who does that often there at Continental Park. Academy Award for best interpretation for Pliny the scene that the guy hides in the car to be seen and not another costume for your visual pro Blue Gangsta bitch washer Dish kkkkk! Mano, you sent very well. Congratulations!


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