Continental Trails Set To Be Plowed

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When I first started CYDI I didn’t know all that much about the trail scene down in Brazil. The only thing I knew was that there were indeed trails down there. At some point I stumbled across the Continental Trails, and I’ve been fascinated by them every since. They were smack dab in the middle of an urban environment and it seemed like they had a peaceful coexistence with their surroundings. One of the biggest things that stood out was the camaraderie between the locals. Smiles and good times have dominated every video that I’ve ever seen from the place. The vibe was almost infectious, and visiting Continental was at the top of my list of things to do. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will ever happen. After 18 years the peaceful coexistence with the neighborhood the trails are located in is no more. They were situated right next to a soccer field, and it seems like there has been some trouble between the neighborhood and the people frequenting the field. The neighbors want the field gone and Continental is a casualty of that. I’m beyond bummed on the situation, and my heart goes out to the crew down there. Dan Clifford has been living in Brazil for the past few months and he wrote a great piece with a lot more details on whats going on with Continental. Give it a read HERE.