Conversation: Keith Treanor

Keith Treanor is someone that not only I looked up to but also someone that the whole group of people I grew up with riding with looked up to as well. He could ride everything and rode with an energy that you couldn’t help but admire. We were beyond psyched when we got our hands on set of Menstural Cycles stickers (that will make more sense after you watch this). We split up the set between us and everyone tucked theirs away in their sticker collection. It’s weird because over the last ten years or so that sticker would randomly pop into my head. I’m usually pretty good about keeping tabs on stuff like that but somehow it went missing. Just like the sticker I would randomly wonder what ever happened to Keith Treanor. I was really excited when he surfaced working at Hoffman Bikes, but had no idea of the journey that he had taken to get there. Definitely give this video a watch to find out about that journey, and then check out Keith’s project, We Have Motive.