CYDI Store Goings On

bmx trails dirt jumping

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on a couple things we have going on in the CYDI Store.

First off, I’m sad to say that we are completely out of MX Trails DVDs. There’s a slight chance that we may get a few more copies, but that’s still to be seen. We’ll definitely let you know if we do!

Many of you have been asking about the CYDI Tarp Tie-Down Kits. I wasn’t quite sure how well they would go over so I had only put together about 50 or so of them to start. I was definitely shocked that they all pretty much sold out within the first couple days of announcing them on social media. The only way I could keep them remotely affordable was to source some of the parts straight from China. The problem there being that it takes a few weeks for them to show up. We should have everything back in stock in about a week or so, and that’s when we’ll be doing a proper post/how-to on the site. I didn’t want to get you all hyped up and not have any in the store for you to be able to get. Actually, there is one set left in the store, if someone wants to just give them a try before committing to buying enough to do a whole line.

You may have noticed that we’ve been slowly adding a few odds and ends to the store. We started off with those Mission Cease brakes, and then figured why not add cables and hangers to the mix. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding a few more things to the store that we’re into, grips being next on the list. We certainly won’t be trying to compete with shops or mail orders, but I think that it would be cool to offer a few odds and ends to help keep your bike dialed. And don’t worry, if they’re not something that we would or are already running on our own bikes, you won’t find it in our store!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has ever bought a shirt, hat, sticker, dvd, tarp tie-down kit or anything else from the CYDI Store. A while back I decided to discontinue all advertising on the site. I’ve always tried to look at CYDI from the reader’s point of view and make CYDI something that I would be psyched on if I was just a visitor. My feeling on advertising is that unless advertisers are willing to create new ads for the site on a regular basis, the ads being served become stagnant within just a couple weeks, and essentially become something nobody pays any mind to. I’ve also been very steadfast (pun intended) in only wanting to serve ads that are relevant to us trail riders, so those annoying Google ads that follow you everywhere are definitely out. So as a means to generate revenue to sustain itself, the CYDI Store is all we got! Expanding the store’s offering only makes sense as a way to be able to keep things rolling and to be able to grow and expand CYDI into what I would really like it to be. Once again, thanks to everyone who has spent any of their hard earned money in the store. It’s beyond appreciated, and I hope we can keep creating and selling stuff that you are stoked on!