CYDI Store Sales, Closeouts, Last Calls

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The CYDI Store is getting overhauled here in the next few weeks but I wanted to fill you in a few things that are going on right now. First off, If you’re waiting for a Blue Groover tee, they’ll be here any day now. Things got held up a bit waiting for some sizes of the blanks to come in. They’ll ship the same day we get them, so my guess is that most of you will be seeing them by the end of the week, or early next week. Thanks for the patience! If you didn’t already pre-order one, go ahead and get your order in because we didn’t order a ton of them. We’re definitely moving towards only doing small limited run releases of stuff. It’s more fun that way and then we don’t have to keep bugging you to help us get ride of old stuff.

That said, it’s time to bug you to help us get rid of old stuff haha! We have a lot of stuff on sale in the store right now that you can check out HERE. It’s last call on a lot of the shirt designs since there’s not many left. I’ll tell you right now that if your after a large, then your only bet is the Shovel Snake and the new Blue Groover tee. We’re sold of larges in everything else. If medium or XL is what you wear, then please do us a favor and grab one so we can get the older stuff cleared out in order to make way for new things we have in the works. Use the promo code (DEAH) and shipping is on us if you live in the US. Sorry international peeps, we already help you out with shipping prices as much as we can!