CYDI Tarp Tie-Down Kits

bmx trails dirt jumping

I’ve been trying to get a post up on the site about our new Tarp Tie-Down Kits for a while now but we’ve had a hard time keeping them in stock ever since we first announced them on social media. I figured I’d hold off on posting them on here until we got our inventory levels sorted back out. Now that we have what I would consider to be a “shit ton” of them in stock, I can finally do a proper post.

First a little backstory. As long as we’ve been tarping stuff at our trails, we’ve been looking for better ways of going about it. While rocks, bricks or other similar things do work pretty well as far as holding them in place, we always thought that there had to be a better and faster way. Over the years we’ve tried all kinds of different things, with varying degrees of success. Early on we decided that having fixed anchor points was the way to go. It just made sense to us that instead of having to fumble around with a bunch of objects to weight the tarps down, it would be so much easier if we could just simply clip them onto some anchors in the ground. The problem that we ran into was how to create anchor points on the tarps themselves. Once again we tried a lot of different things, but none of them worked all that well.

That was until I happened across a product that claimed to be a simple and reusable way of creating tarp anchor points. Though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to order up a few to test out. Lo and behold though, they actually worked really well. You just simply popped out the center disk, placed the frame of the anchor on one side of the tarp, placed the disk on the other side, and then popped the disk back into the anchor with the tarp on top of it to lock it all together. It went together well but the big question was how strong could they really be. I totally expected the disk to pop right back out when I pulled on the frame, but that wasn’t the case.

bmx trails dirt jumping

I had only ordered enough to do a few jumps, so I figured the best way to properly test them out would be to use them on the jumps that are out in the open at the end of one of our lines. The wind really gets ripping down there, so it was the perfect place to find out whether these things were going to hold together or spectacularly blow apart. As for the fixed anchor points in the ground, I went with plastic stakes and then small bungee cords to connect them to the anchor points on the tarps.

Fast forward six months or so and both the anchor points on the tarps and the ones in the ground had held up flawlessly through most of fall, all of winter and through one hell of a stormy spring. As impressed as I was with that feat, I was even more impressed with just how much easier they made the whole untarping and tarping process. There was no more fumbling around with things to try to weight the tarps down. When it was time to ride all you had to do was undo the bungees from the anchors and roll up the tarps as usual. Re-tarping was just as fast and easy. Unroll the tarp, put the bungees over the anchors and that’s that.

bmx trails dirt jumping

Selling these kits was never my intention, but I was so stoked on how well this setup worked that I had to figure out a way of sharing it with my fellow trail builders. After countless emails and calls back and forth with suppliers, I was finally able to get the price down low enough on the individual components to actually make it feasible for us to sell them as a kit, and at a reasonable enough price that you all could justify buying them.

Each kit contains (4) reusable snaps, (4) 6″ ball bungees and (4) 6″ anchors; just what you need for one jump (lip and landing). Though you could use them to anchor the tarps on the backs of the jumps, for cost reasons we recommend using permanent anchors such as garden staples, since you aren’t really ever going to need to remove them. The kits are sold individually and in sets of 5, 10, 20 and 50. The greater quantity you order, the more money you save.

Right now we just have the kits available in the CYDI STORE, but we’ll also be offering the individual components separately soon. We’ll also be adding a few more tarp related items to the store soon, so keep your eyes peeled!