Denis “Mowgly” Darbeau

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I was completely shocked last week when Jeremy Muller reached out to let me know about the passing Denis Darbeau, or as some of you knew him, “Mowgly.” As hard as I’ve tried to sit down and write some words about it, nothing has come out as sincere or heartfelt as what Jeremy penned to let everyone know. If you haven’t read it already, please take a minute to do so below, and also please consider making a donation HERE to help Denis’ family with the funeral expenses.

Good Morning Boys,

I don’t know if many of you guys had ever met him, but our brother Denis “Mowgly” Darbeau is deceased at 32 last sunday during a running session in the woods.
We didn’t get any official statuts yet, but it seems like he has had an heart attack.

Mowgly was a great guy, he was the man. A fantastic friend, deeply and quietly involved in the trails community as one true inspiration. He was amazing on his bike but not only. A great human as well who has left us with nothing but a painful void.
He has been a great help with the whole Compression project, getting people involved and trustful.
Never seeking fame, his will was to connect people with each other and his reward the good times spent with friends from anywhere.
He had gathered so many guys in France thanks to his good will and natural kindness, and I know he was sincerely appreciated overseas too.
He was the brightest person, a shining and responsible daddy hidden behind his smiling kid face.

As I write those words, I still cannot believe this has happenned.

He has left his young daughter Lola and his Girlfirend Audrey in deep pain as well as all his close friends and familly members.
Today we just hope his familly will find a little relief in realizing how much he was apreciated through the world.