Dodo Bird

So this happened at our jam yesterday.  Last week we had a crazy storm roll through and take out a bunch of trees around the area.  I was expecting the worst when I went to check out the trails, but we only had one tree down and one with a little split in it.  Unfortunately over the next few days that split got bigger and bigger to the point where the tree was leaning too much to jump under it. We decided rather than waiting for nature to take its course we would take things into our hands and try to take it down.  So began two days of sketchiness involving ropes, handsaws, chainsaws, and fire.  Despite the best efforts of everyone involved this thing wouldn’t go down easy.  By the morning of the jam the chainsaw had crapped out and we were pretty much out of options.  That’s when I got the idea to text Chris and tell him to bring his hatchet.  Sure enough he shows up hatchet in hand and goes to town.  As you can see things didn’t quite go as planned.


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