Drew Fiorentine for Logan Garments

Lately I’ve had some people ask me why I hate mountain bikes (ALEX BOYD). The thing is I actually don’t hate them. If you dig, aren’t a tool, and don’t look like a complete muppet going through a section, I could care less what you ride. CYDI is a BMX site so I do feel the need to point out when a video has a higher ratio of 26″ to 20″. So now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about this video. I met Drew a couple weekends ago at Boondocks and he was killing it! Actually there were a few dudes ripping it on big wheels and looking just as good as us 20″ folks. I was psyched when Drew’s edit showed up in my inbox. Awesome dude shredding awesome trails! I have absolutely no qualms about posting this up!