Dry Guy Disguise

bmx trails dirt jumping

Who knew that us lowly trail builders were secretly tastemakers in the fashion game! No, those jeans above didn’t get muddied up while being worn to butter a lip, that’s actually faux mud and dirt. These things are a new denim fashion trend that I guess you could call the next evolution of the whole distressed jeans thing. So heads up all you dry guys out there, for just a quick trip to Nordstrom and a mere $425 you can have yourself a pair of jeans that will make you appear to have actually put in some shovel time at the trails. For those dry guys who can’t afford $425, we’ll have our own discounted $200 CYDI versions of these available in the store soon, complete with ACTUAL mud and dirt from the Anacostia Trails. The first ten orders will even receive a bonus sweat scent at no additional cost!

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