Dude Where’s Your Seat?

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Way back in the early days of CYDI I wrote a piece on the retarded shit that some of my friends used to ride. The above prototype seatless Yess frame that BMX Plus is testing instantly reminded me of those abominations. I’m really not sure what the point of this thing is, but I do know that I hate it. BMX racing has always brought forth some corny ass ideas and this is certainly up there amongst the top of them. As much as I hope this makes it into production so that I can berate the first person I see with one, I don’t think that it actually will. I do believe that there’s actually a rule in the BMX racing rule book that you have to have a seat. Who knows though, maybe they’ll make an amendment for such an innovative development. Then we can all laugh at the fools riding around looking like their post snapped leaving both it and their seat firmly and completely lodged in their ass.