Flashback: Fort Wayne Scene Report 1994

As crazy as it is to think about now, Fort Wayne, Indiana was at the top of the list of places I wanted to live back when I was in high school. The motley crew of dudes who ended up calling that place home during that time is directly to blame for that. The videos they put out gave us a first hand look into the BMX scene they had carved out in a midwest town that I’m sure I had never heard of up until then. It really did seem like a little BMX mecca to myself and the other guys I grew up riding with. By the time we graduated the once thriving Fort Wayne scene was on its last leg. Several of its key members had packed up and relocated to a town I would become all too familiar with, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This scene check that Kip Williamson put together back in 1994 takes me back to those days of wishing high school would hurry up and be over so that we could head west and join up with the guys who had become our heroes after watching Juvenile Trickery, 1201, and Ring of Fire literally hundreds of times.