Flashback: Original Posh Trails 1991 Tabletop Session

This week’s flashback is another gem from way back in 1991. These tabletops and roller dubs were what came to mind when I heard the name Posh growing up. My friends and I shared a copy of an East Coast Destruction video, and a good 60 percent of the video was comprised of these very same guys riding these very same woods. This spot isn’t the same Posh that we think of today, rather it was located not far away on the other side of the neighborhood. Watching people ride “Old” Posh in that shared ECD video was so influential on me that to this day I still stop through the spot where the trails were to pay my respects to the history that took place there. Thanks to ECD for taking me back down memory lane by uploading these fourteen minutes of raw footage from an October session back in 1991.


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