Forever Raining

As much as the wacky weather effected riding here last year it was nothing compared to what they had to endure in the UK. I almost can’t believe that some spots ever got running after seeing the washed out pics of them. If there’s one thing that people who build trails have it’s persistence. Trails end up under water, we drain them. A landing collapses, we build it bigger. A giant tree falls across a line, we chop it out of the way with whatever tools we have. A spot gets shut down, and we are hunting for a new place to build before the dozers are even done. If it weren’t for that kind of persistence trails flat out wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately these days that’s a hard trait to find in kids. It’s so much easier to go ride a skatepark or jump down some stairs. Thankfully there are still some guys willing to put in work to create something special to ride. Hats off to the boys in the UK for making it through last season’s unprecedented rain! DIGMORE!