GMG Trails – The Last Weekend

I was completely shocked yesterday to find out that the final session at the GMG Trails had gone down over the weekend…

“This is a tough one to post, I don’t really know what words to say. GMG has been home for the last 4 years and we have had so many awesome sessions and good times. Unfortunately all good things do eventually come to an end and the land that we have been luckily enough to call home for 4 years is now needed for the Scott family’s growing company. We are nothing but grateful to them for letting us dig, hang out, ride, grill and drink beer every weekend and hope for nothing but the best for them and the company.
On the up side we were able to get fair warning before shutting the GMG doors and got to soak in every last lap and good moment over the past month. Last weekend was our final session and it was nothing but good times, smiles, laughs and trains with our best buds. Thanks to anyone who has helped make the memories over the past 4 years and to everyone that has picked up a shovel to lend a hand. Just some clips I took on my phone and edited together.”
-Andrew Bryan