Heathens – Check Your Nuts At The Door Jam

bmx trails dirt jumping

The Beury Patch, Heathens, Lock Haven, whichever you like to refer to them as, they’re having a jam to raise money for a damn good cause this Saturday. I’ll let Tommy T explain!

“The theme is to raise awareness to check your nuts for testicular cancer. Our friend Paul has testicular cancer. He builds @mooseknucklewoods in Missouri. He has had 27 rounds on chemo in 9 weeks. Most recent check up he is cancer cell free for now. He did lose a nut but is in good spirits! All proceeds go to help with his medical bills since America affordable health care don’t pay for shit.”

Don’t forget to bring $3 to get in and some extra cash to get yourself one of the limited edition jam shirts they had printed up. 68 Beury Lane Lock Haven, PA 17745 is the address, hope to see you there!