Help Save The Mukilteo Trails!

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The Mukilteo Trails are in danger and the locals need all of our help to save them. Mukilteo sprouted up after the demise of the infamous Lynnwood Trails, and just five minutes North. The scene already took a huge hit with the destruction of Lynnwood, and the last thing they need is to be set back again by losing Mukilteo. The trails were originally built on private land, but the land has since been purchased by the city for public use such as mountain biking, hiking, and dog walking. Unfortunately the city is upset that the jumps were built without their permission, even though they were built before the city owned the land. Makes perfect sense right?! The trails take up less than one acre of the 97 that the city purchase for this public use. The locals are doing everything they can to save the place, and they have even gotten a poll set up on the local newspaper’s website to help gather support. PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO CLICK HERE AND VOTE! Right now the poll is 64% in favor of the trails. Lets get that up into the 90s!