Help Save the Sunset Ranch!

The Sunset Ranch is in trouble and needs our help to save it. Long story short, the landowner wants the land returned to its original pre-trails condition. Chris Traverse is heading up the fight to come up with some solutions to keep the trails rolling. He has a formal meeting on with the landowner on Monday and wants to come to it with as much positive information about trails as he can. Here’s where you can help! He’d like to bring with him to the meeting some stories from other riders about the positivity that trails can bring to not just the people riding them, but to the surrounding community. If you could take a few minutes to write a paragraph or two it would be a huge help to his cause. Just make sure it’s G rated! You can send it to him at a [email protected] and he’ll include it in the information he presents to the landowner. Let’s get behind him and help save the Sunset Ranch!