Holy Shit It’s Our 500th Post

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So the other day I noticed that we were creeping up on our 500th post. I’m kind of blown away honestly! If you told me back in July that in just five months we would be making our 500th post I would have looked at you like you had an upside down face. I knew there was a lot of great trails related content out there that wasn’t being posted on other sites but I had no idea just how much. Some of the edits that have come out recently have been damn near mind blowing. What’s incredible is that this is just the beginning. In just a few months we have the Vinyl and Compression DVDs to look forward to, and BF-IT is dropping any day now. All the crazy spots we’ve seen in edits are just going to get wilder as people get into winter digging mode. Riding trails will probably never overtake street as far as popularity goes but that’s perfectly fine by me. The guys working 40+ hours a week who still find time to put a shovel in the ground and create their idea of BMX are the people that matter to me and the ones that I want to hang out with. I don’t want to ramble on for too long, the main point of this is that I’m psyched! Since starting Can You Dig It I’ve seen some rad spots, met some great people from all over the world, and even gotten to ride some new places. This is just the beginning though! Look for there to be a lot more original content on the site in the future including stories, interviews, edits, reviews, and even some top secret collabos. Also in a few weeks we’ll be launching an online store with products of our own as well as trails related goodies from around the world. Probably the biggest news though is our partnership with The Union. Don’t worry though as nothing is going to change other than the addition of a few ads and some layout tweaks. I’ve admired Kurt’s work for years, so when he approached me about bringing Can You Dig It under The Union’s wing it was a no brainer. The partnership will not only allow us to reach more people, but will also enable us to work with some new folks to dial in fresh content. So yeah, thanks to everybody that’s been checking the site for this first 500! Keep building and hopefully I’ll see you in the woods next season!