How To Make A Beer Can Camping Stove

I spotted this on Trailife the other week and was instantly intrigued! Since I didn’t have anything going on at the time I decided I’d have a go at making one. That was until I realized that the recycle had just come and there wasn’t a can to be found anywhere. Second problem was that we were also out of rubbing alcohol. This little project wasn’t in the cards that day but fast forward a couple weeks and I stashed a few cans away and eventually remembered to pick up some rubbing alcohol at the store.

This dude does a really good job of explaining how to make this thing and it definitely works. Perfect for warming up some tea or hot chocolate at the trails on a day like this. Who am I kidding! You’re either a nut or apparently have access to a jackhammer if you’re moving dirt today.

Like I said, it works and it’s easy to make. You’ll definitely want to check out THIS SITE for some other stove ideas as well as a guide to different fuels you can use. I went with 91% rubbing alcohol and though it did work, it burned pretty dirty. By the time my little experiment was done there was a thick layer of soot on the outside of the container I was using to boil my water, and since it was an open container the water also had gotten a bit contaminated with soot. I’m definitely going to try out a cleaner fuel next time as well as a slightly different stove design.