HTW: A BMX Trails Video to Promote Tony’s Medical Fund

I heard about Tony’s crash a few weeks ago, and I’m really glad that he’s doing ok and people are coming together to help with his medical bills. After you give this a watch please considering donating what you can (even if it’s only a few bucks) to the Go Fund Me campaign they have set up.

“Hey guys,

Our buddy Tony Hughes took a really bad fall in Pittsburgh on his way to the Welcome Jam in late September. He’s in good condition now, and the injuries seem to be mostly behind him, aside from the broken bones in his face.

Tony is a genuine guy that’s been dedicated to building and riding trails in the Atlanta area for 15+ years. Anyone that has ridden with him or enjoyed his work can attest to how dialed he and his dirt is. Tony’s worked since he was about 14. He saved up money over the years so he could take a few years away from his job to dedicate more time to traveling, riding, and perfecting the trails. So, you guessed it, NO INSURANCE.

With the crash, he was fortunate enough to be around a great group of guys that helped get him to an ambulance via pallets. He had an overnight visit to the ICU with xrays, CT scans for his head injury, and more doctor visits when he came back home. We all know these things add up quickly.

Tony, his family, and all of his friends would greatly appreciate any donations or help you can lend. Nothing is too small.

Please visit

Thank you.

Feel free to check out Instagram via @hit_the_woods for updates and a look into the magic Tony creates.”