Review: Husky Fiberglass Handle Transfer Shovel

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When we first started our spot the allure of cheap shovels was too much for us to resist and we ended up with a bunch of those $10 green fiberglass shovels Home Depot stocks. The thinking was that we would just return them when they broke since they had a five year warranty. Sure enough they quickly started to succumb to the demands that starting a new set of trails puts on tools. As they would break we would take them back and exchange them for new ones. The problem was the hassle of it all. Our trails aren’t very car accessible, so that meant we had to ride the mile back to my house carrying broken shovels, only to ride back out there with a new one once the exchange was made. Riding through any city carrying shovels is bound to get you some looks, but riding through the Nation’s Capital carrying shovels gets you stares of suspicion. After going through probably ten of those cheap shovels I decided it was time to upgrade. I headed to the local Home Depot, shoe’d off an overly helpful employee, and carefully scrutinized every shovel they had before settling on the Husky Fiberglass Handle Transfer Shovel

Purchased From
Home Depot

$25.97 plus tax

The first thing I noticed about this shovel was the weight. It felt like it weighed twice as much as the other shovels we had been using. The next thing I noticed was how solid it felt. There was very little flex from any part of the shovel when you used it. There is a metal insert that is pressed into the junction of the head and shaft as well as a large metal collar that helps add even more strength to that critical area. Its rigid properties combined with its red color led to it being given the nickname “The Red Rocket”. The final thing I noticed was the oversized step. That quickly became my favorite part of the shovel because it allowed you to really stomp on the thing if need be, while not feeling like you were about to break your foot in half. To go along with the oversized step is an oversized head that helps you fill up a wheelbarrow even faster. It did take a little bit to get used to the weight of the shovel and the extra dirt that it held, but I looked at it like I was stepping up a weight class at the gym.

This is my favorite shovel I’ve owned so far. I’ve had it for going on eight months and it has yet to show any signs of breaking. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for when the day comes that it does finally give out. The oversized step and head are my favorite features. Not only can you move more dirt in a shorter period of time, but you can do it more comfortably.

I wouldn’t really even call this a complaint, but I don’t like to use it for packing things in. The shovel is so stiff that it sends all the shock right to my wrist. I prefer to leave the packing to another shovel and use this for moving dirt and plowing through stuff. It also comes with a plastic sleeve on the handle that is supposed to give you a little more grip. The problem with it is that it ends up twisting and sliding making it counterproductive to its intended purpose. You can see in the picture that it has slid all the way down to the bottom of the shovel. I’d suggest just cutting it off right from start.

This is a definite buy for me. I like it so much that I’m going to try out the spade version of it this winter. This is hands down the toughest shovel I’ve owned to date. It’s handled everything I’ve put it through so far and doesn’t seem like it’s going to be getting warrantied anytime soon.