Indoor Pump Tracks, Mentally Challenged Workers, and My First Trails

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The first real trails I ever built were at an abandoned gravel pit in Maryland. I guess there was a good bit of sandy clay they had to move before getting to the rocks they were after because there were two humongous piles of it just down the road from the pit. Slowly but surely we carved out lines through the piles and the Clinton Trails were born. Well actually we originally called them Melwood to throw people off as to where they really were because that was the name of the next town over. Plus it was kind of funny because Melwood was also the name of a local store that was staffed by special needs workers who for some reason were required to wear Pro-tec helmets when they rode the bus to work. We used to drive to the trails acting “challenged” and rocking our Pro-tecs to mess with people. I’ve gone way off track here, but this pic of a pump track built inside a shed reminded me of those days. There was an equipment shed just like that at the gravel pit that we would always talk about trying to build jumps in. It never happened because our winters were never that bad and the trails actually ran better in the winter due to the sandy dirt. It would have been bad ass though if we had actually pulled it off. Good to see that someone went for it and created a spot to get them through winter. Shape’s team rider Bruno Abiven is one of the guys behind the build and it certainly looks like he’ll be reaping the rewards from it all winter.