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Sometimes I feel bad for kids today. For the most part when you flip open a magazine (The Albion excluded) it’s the same shit over and over. Tailwhip this, crank arm grind that, and a barspin to flat thrown in for good measure. Those are the images that kids see and the ones that they have to inspire them. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in the era that I did. An era when shots like this one by Windy Osborn ran in magazines. Windy posted it on her Facebook yesterday and damn did it bring back the memories. It ran in the June 1986 issue of BMX Action which just so happens to be the first BMX magazine I ever saw. This picture of Toby Henderson was one amongst many others in that magazine that inspired me not only to learn how to ride a bike (I was late to the game), but to also fall in love with BMX.  It’s also very likely that that picture has been buried in my subconscious all these years and has led to me burning through many a tire. Come to think about it I literally just performed this same maneuver last week on a 50cc scooter we found on the way back from the trails, but that’s a whole nother story.