Intel – BMX Meets Curie

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Intel has been using BMX pretty heavy as a vessel to test/promote their new Curie Module. What the hell is that you ask! It’s a six-axis sensor that combines accelerometers and gyroscopes to give you data such as speed, height, air time, and even the rotation of a tricks. From what I can gather, you would strap this thing to your bike and then access the data after your session (or possibly during with a phone). My question is if that’s really necessary? It might be kind of cool to know how fast or how high you were going, but that data seems like more of a novelty than anything you could do something useful with. I mean you’re going to know in real time if your speed is off on a jump, or if you under or over-rotate a trick. If anything it seems like more of a tool you would use to precisely brag on social media. “Hey dude, I hit Chicken and was going 66mph and got 40 seconds of air time!” Anyway, check out the video below featuring Matt Cordova and Victor Salazar testing out the Curie Module at FOD and see what you think. That video is just a little teaser that was floating around FB. The full length video isn’t embeddable so you’ll have to click HERE to watch it.

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Posted by Americas Greatest Makers on Friday, January 15, 2016