Interview: Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny

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A couple of months ago I started to see something called Jäunt popping up in my feeds. I was immediately drawn in by the clean logo and wanted to find out who or what exactly Jäunt was. To my surprise it was a new clothing brand headed up by none other than Mike Potoczny. For those not familiar with Mike, he’s quite the radical dude! He’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet and he kills it on a bike. The first time I ever met him was at one of the Welcome Jams a few years back. I was walking around checking out the lines and he came up to introduce himself and thank me for coming out. I’m not sure why that stood out so much to me, but it did and it left a resounding first impression. Over the years I’ve gotten to know Mike, and he’s become one of my favorite people to ride and hang with. He just graduated college and has dove head first into creating this new brand. I was pretty curious about Jäunt so I shot a few questions over to him to find out more and to get some insight into his new venture. On a side note I couldn’t remember what his degree was in so I sent him a text. His response, “History Pimping. Pimping all the hot historical chicks. Give me Cleopatra.” Mike rules! Check out the interview after the jump.

Other than yourself who all is involved with Jäunt?

My friend Josh Pekich. He is a long time rider and we’ve been riding together for years. He ended up being a graphic designer and is killing it.

Josh Pekich_TBog
Josh Pekich Tobogan 

Who came up with the name, and is there any significance behind it?

Pekich came up with the name. By definition it means a short excursion or journey for pleasure. We thought it was a perfect fitting name to represent the lifestyle we live.

Jaunt OG Shirt
“OG” Shirt

You guys have a couple of shirt designs out already plus hats in the works. Do you have plans to expand the line into other forms of apparel?

Definitely. Products we’re working on right now are hoodies, bar coasters, and flannels. We’re talking to a local seamstress to produce the flannels. It’s going to take a lot of work but it’s going to be worth it when it comes out right. We’re trying to do as much American and locally made products as possible. Apparel we’re looking to make down the road is more shirts, sunglasses, jackets, and backpacks.

Jaunt Plain Beanie
“Plain” Beanie

It seems like “clothing” companies come and go pretty frequently in BMX. What sets Jäunt apart from some of those “one run of shirts and done” companies?

Haha, because we’re on our second run of shirts. No just kidding, there’s more than that. We want to be more than just a BMX brand. Jaunt represents a lifestyle that can be supported through many different ways (surfing, MTB, snowboarding, art, music, etc) that all have the same goal, to travel around and have as much fun as possible. A lot of a brands success has to do with how involved you are with the scene. Inspiring people to get out there travel and enjoy the best parts of BMX or anything else they’re passionate about is a goal of ours. We also want to host some jams and just make things fun.

Jaunt Map Both
“Map” Shirt

You guys have already started putting together quite an impressive little team. Tell us who’s on there already and if you have any future additions you want to disclose.

Currently our team is made up of Tom Dillon, Dougie Richie, Evan Voss, Cory Foust, Kyle McRory, and Corey Zell. It’s a nice spectrum of riders and we  even have a BMX/Professional downhill racer. We’re looking into some more additions but we’ll let you know who when they become official.

Evan Voss Whip
Evan Voss Whip

I know both you and your brother have the travel bug and it seems like the Jäunt crew has already started racking up the miles. Where have you guys been so far, and what future trips do you have planned?

Traveling is what Jaunt is all about and we’ll be heading out on trips as much as we can. We just went up to Cranx Bike Park and Rochester for a weekend. Our next trip is bringing everyone to Pittsburgh for a few days before Christmas. We’re starting to plan a big road trip in summer out west to Montana, and a few national parks and cement park spots. Real stoked to be planning that one!

Mike Protoz Table
Mike Potoczny Table

Finally, where can people get ahold of Jäunt apparel?

You can email us at [email protected] to order it directly from us or from events and parks we are at. When the Wheel Mill opens it will be sold in their shop. It will also be available online through Obmx and we’re currently working on more accounts with different local and mail order bike shops.

Jaunt Beanie

Make sure you keep up with what Mike and Josh have going on by visiting the Jäunt website or by following them them on Facebook and Twitter.