Introducing The Speed Shop!

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We’ve been working on this for a while but now it’s finally time to make an official announcement. The CYDI Store is now the CYDI Speed Shop! On top of it being the place to find the stuff we make, it’s also stocked with a curated selection parts to keep your bike dialed in, from brands that support and make products geared towards trail riders. We’ve got it loaded up with a bunch of stuff from S&M, Deluxe, Fit, Kink, Relic, Duo, ODI, Mission and Merritt, and over the next several weeks we’ll be adding more parts and eventually frames. And don’t fret my big bike brethren, we’ll have stuff for you as well!

Similar to the original idea behind Can You Dig It being a place where trail riders can find news and content relevant to us without having to weed through a bunch of street and park stuff, our goal with the Speed Shop is to create a place where trail riders can shop for parts relevant to what we do without having to navigate through pegs, plastic pedals, and oil slicked atrocities.

Our second goal is to create a way for Can You Dig It to generate revenue to fund some of the projects we’ve wanted to do, and to be able to give back to the trails community by sponsoring jams, trails, riders, etc.

While we would definitely love your business, we encourage you to shop local if your local shop supports your trails scene. So, if you live around Back Bone, Circuit, Let’s Roast, Empire, The Kore Store, BMX Racing Zone, etc, please hit them up first unless it’s for something CYDI specific.

To kick off the launch of the Speed Shop we had our friend Sean Rakos whip us up a new logo, and it looked so good that we couldn’t resist throwing it on some tees, jackets and hoodies. They’re available now for pre-order and will be printed up as soon as our printer gets back from his holiday vacation. Jackets, hoodies, and small XXL t-shirt sizes are pre-order only.

You also may have noticed that we didn’t do our annual Christmas frame giveaway this year. That’s because with the launch of the new store, we wanted to change things up a bit. Instead of a frame we’re giving away a $300 shopping spree to the new Speed Shop. All you have to do is enter is buy something from the store between now and 12:01am January 1st 2018 and you’re automatically entered. Every $20 you spend is good for one entry, and don’t worry if something is a penny away from that $20 mark, we’ll round up for ya!

I think that’s about it! Click HERE to explore around the Speed Shop and check back often for new products being added!