Labor Day Sale!

bmx trails dirt jumping

Usually we try to steer away from the predictability of holiday sales, but Labor Day just so happens to come at the time when we’re ready to start clearing out stuff to make way for some new fall goods. If you poke around the store you’ll find a bunch of stuff that will be on sale through Monday. Dig Monster shirts are $19.99, remaining Trails Kick Ass and Fisher shirts are just $14.99, and ALL small shirts are on sale for $9.99.

We also got a couple of promo codes set up to save you a few more bucks. If you’re in the good ol’ US of A, use code (LABOR) for free shipping. Even though Labor day is an American holiday, we didn’t want to leave out our international friends. The promo code (GRAFT) will get you $5 off all your orders! Sale prices and promo codes are good through Monday, so visit the CYDI STORE take advantage of them while you can!